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The Downunder Dictionary - the Guide to the Most Common Words & Phrases in Australian Strine (A to B)

  • Brolly - an Aussie umbrella may come in handy on occasions on all Australia tours.
Term /Expression:Meaning:
Arvo Afternoon
Ava go ya mug Traditional rallying call, especially at cricket matches.
Back o'Bourke Middle of nowhere; beyond normal civilization.
Bag of fruit Suit
Banana Bender Resident of Queensland.
Barney Dispute orangemen
Barrack To cheer (for a sports team)
Bathers Swimming costume
Battler A persistent trier, one who struggles for a livelihood
Be so far ahead one can't hear the Band, to To be intoxicated.
Beaut Exclamation of approval
Beyond the black stump Outback, well beyond civilization
Big note To exaggerate one's wealth
Bikie Biker
Bikkie Biscuit
Billabong Pond in an otherwise dry stream
Billy Can A container used to boil tea on an open fire in the bush
Billy Tea Tea boiled over an open fire in an old tin bucket
Bite To borrow money
Black Stump Where the middle of nowhere begins
Bloke A man
Blowies Blow flies
Bludge To rely without reasonable cause on the kindness of strangers; a lazy or ungrateful person
Bludger Lazy person, one who won't work
Blue Fight
Bluey Nickname for a red-haired person; also a type of Australian dog.
Bodgie Faulty, false; a hoodlum
Bonza Great, wonderful
Boot Trunk of a car
Brekkie Breakfast
Brolly Umbrella
Buckleys("you've got buckleys") No chance
Bunyip Mythical Australian animal.
Bushbash/bushbashing To travel or force your way through dense bush.
BYO ("bring your own") To take your own alcohol to a restaurant/party.



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