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The Downunder Dictionary - the Guide to the Most Common Words & Phrases in Australian Strine (C to F)

  • Downunder - Aussie strine for Australia - a term you will probably hear even before the start of all Australia tours.
Term /Expression:Meaning:
Chewy Chewing gum
Chiko roll Junk food that can only be compared to a large spring roll
China Mate, but not as familiar (rhyming slang derived from "china plate")
Chockablock Full to the brim
Chook Chicken
Chop someone in, to To include; to share
Chrissie Christmas
Cleanskin A novice
Cobber Old term for mate
Corroboree Aboriginal ceremonial dance or celebratory meeting
Cozzie Bathing suit (also togs or swimmers)
Crow eater Resident of South Australia
Damper Unleavened bread traditionally cooked on a camp fire
Dead set Correct, affirmative
Decko A look; a glance
Dial Face
Digger An honest man, a hard worker, a patriot. (Originally a minor)
Dim sims Fast food that resembles a Chinese Dim Sum but usually sold in fish and chip shops
Dinkum/fair dinkum Honest, genuine
Dinky-di The real thing
Dob in, to To inform, to "grass"
Dog and bone Telephone
Don't come the raw prawn Don't try to fool me. To impose on or deceive
Downunder The area on the Globe where Australia and New Zealand is, as compared to Europe and North America who are "up-top"
Drongo Worthless person
Drover Mounted herdsman. Sheep or cattle
Drown worms, to To waste time
Dunny Toilet
Earbash Talk non-stop
Entree The appetizer not the main course
Fair crack of the whip Give us a break
Flat chat / full bore / full tilt Full speed; full strength
Footpath Sidewalk
Fossicking Rock hounding
Full as a goog To be sufficiently fed; to be inebriated ("goog" is an abbreviation of the childish term 'googy' or egg)



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