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The Downunder Dictionary - the Guide to the Most Common Words & Phrases in Australian Strine (O to S)

  • Shrimp on the barbie - always a popular dining event on Australia tours.
Term /Expression:Meaning:
Ocker Yobbo
On the knocker On the mark or target
Outback Remote part of the bush
Oz OZtralia, Australia
Pastoralist Large scale grazier
Pom If you are English you will get to know the word quickly as it is almost an affectionate term for English people (supposedly originates from the term Prisoner of Mother country)
Pommie An Englishman
Postie Mailman
Put the kybosh on something, to To cause to stop; to close something down.
Queue A line for a bus or anything else
Ridgy-didge Original, genuine
Ringer A highly skilled sheep shearer. When used it usually means a substitute or addition
Ripper/Little ripper Good (said to someone who has done something good)
Road Train Lorry with several trailers (driven outside of cities)
Rooted Tired
Ropable Angry
Sandgroper Someone from Western Australia
Sandshoes Sneakers
Serviette Table napkin
She'll be right Not a problem, don't worry
Sheila A woman (this Irish name was so popular among immigrants that it was always safe to call a woman by it)
Shout Treat someone, usually to a drink "It's your shout, mate"
Sickie To take a day off work (supposedly from being sick)
Smoko Tea-break, break for a cigarette
Snags Sausages, bangers
Sport Mate, "G'day sport"
Stark bollockers Naked (also see Nuddie)
Station Large ranch
Stubbie Small bottle of beer
Swag Item used for sleeping outdoors
Sweet as a nut Perfect
Sweets Dessert
Swish Fancy, elegant; to act effeminately



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