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Eastern & Oriental Express General Information

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Luggage is limited to 30kg per person for Pullman and State Compartment passengers. There is no limit for passengers travelling in a Presidential Suite. Please keep your tickets, passports and any medication with you; do not pack them in your through or compartment luggage. Please note, durian fruit must not be taken on board.

We recommend that you label your luggage with a contact address, your hotel and your destination. It will be taken care of as follows:


Through luggage

We suggest that items not required for your journey are packed separately in a sturdy case. At check-in, this luggage will be labelled by our staff, after which it will not normally be accessible until you reach your destination. Ideally, large and/or hard cases should be checked in as through luggage.

Compartment luggage

This should contain clothing and items you need during your journey. When you plan your luggage, please bear in mind that storage space is limited. There is a luggage rack, plus an additional storage cupboard with hangers. One or two soft-sided suit carriers or similar can be comfortably accommodated in each compartment. 

Hand luggage

Your passport, tickets, jewellery, money, camera, fragile items and any medication should be kept in your hand luggage and not checked in.

We advise that you take out insurance to cover any loss or damage to your luggage.



The Eastern & Oriental Express Collection offers a range of exclusively designed gifts available onboard. On request, these may be gift-wrapped and brought to your cabin.

Gifts may also be purchased via mail order. A brochure and order form will be in your cabin for you to take home.



The atmosphere on board is one of relaxed refinement. However, we are sensitive to the varying wardrobe needs of passengers on long journeys and from different national backgrounds and wish our guests to be comfortable at all times.

During the day, smart casual attire is appropriate. Please do not wear jeans or trainers.

Evening dining offers guests an opportunity to dress up for the occasion with glamour and style; a jacket and tie are customary for gentlemen, with suitable evening wear for ladies.

On our Chronicle six-night journeys, there will be a selection of formal and relaxed evenings (e.g. an open-necked shirt and jacket for men is appropriate on some nights). On these particular journeys, we also encourage guests to explore, so comfortable daywear is acceptable.

For sightseeing and excursions, light cotton clothes are most practical and a sun hat is recommended.


Sightseeing & Excursions

Qualified guides escort all sightseeing and excursions. These are designed to provide the perfect balance between relaxing on board and the opportunity for fascinating experiences off the train.

Please respect local cultures when visiting temples and pagodas. At any stop, please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure you have embarked before the train departs.

Passengers not wishing to join any excursion are advised to remain on board the train at all times unless otherwise advised by the Train Manager.


First Aid

A first aid kit is carried on board for emergency use. If it becomes apparent that a doctor is required, please inform the Train Manager who will arrange for the passenger to alight at the next station enabling medical attention.



Gratuities for staff and guides are at the passenger’s discretion.


Restaurant Cars & Dining

There are three restaurant cars—two of which join the Eastern & Oriental Express for every journey. Each car is decorated in floral motifs reflecting the culture of the region and featuring either elm panels with light-wood design inlays or rosewood with decorative lacquered panels hand-painted with delicate flowers.

Distinctive European cutlery and hand-cut crystal glassware are used. Table d’hôte meals are included in your fare. On most journeys, there are usually two sittings for lunch and dinner. Your preference for the first or second sitting will be noted by the Maitre D’ at check-in. Breakfast and afternoon tea are served in your cabin.

For those passengers wishing to rise early to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, tea and coffee will be served in the Observation Car from 7 am onwards.

We endeavour to cater to special dietary requirements. To avoid disappointment, please inform us fully of your personal requests at least 14 days in advance. We regret that we are unable to provide meals requiring strict religious observance in their preparation.


Onboard Drinks

Complimentary tea and coffee are available at all times. For our Chronicles of South-East Asia journeys, all wines and bar drinks are included in your fare.

For other journeys, wines and bar drinks are not included but may be purchased at an additional cost. Bar drinks may be ordered in the Observation Car, or Bar Car or served in your cabin by your steward.

The Bar Car stays open as long as you wish, but drinks service may be temporarily suspended at the Singapore/Malaysian/Thai border for Customs formalities or at the Train Manager’s discretion.


Onboard Payment

Items on board are priced in US Dollars, and we suggest you take US Dollars for spending during your journey. European currencies as well as Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollars are accepted on board and change will be given in US Dollars. American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and travellers cheques are accepted, but not personal cheques.



In keeping with Indoor Air Quality regulations in the region, and as a courtesy to your fellow travellers, smoking is not permitted throughout the air-conditioned carriages of the train.

Guests may smoke in the open-deck area of the Observation Car



Check that your passport is valid for at least six months at the time of travel.

Your steward will request your passport and ask you to complete immigration and customs documents. Passport and customs formalities take place at the Malaysian/Thai border and onboarding or disembarking at Singapore.

You will not normally be disturbed during your journey, and your passport will be returned to you prior to disembarking.

Passengers boarding in Singapore and Bangkok are advised that refunds on Goods and Services Tax are only available at the airport and not at the railway station.



Visas for tourism visits to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are not normally required for stays of less than 30 days, except for nationals of certain Middle Eastern, African and South American countries. Visas may be necessary for onward travel to other Asian destinations. If a visa is required for a particular country, it is necessary to obtain a visa even if you are only in transit through the country.

It is not possible to obtain visas on board the train or at the respective border points for entry into Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand. Those nationalities that do require visas for entry into any of these countries must obtain the correct documentation before boarding the train. You must clearly state on your visa enquiries/applications that you will be travelling by rail.

For Bangkok – Vientiane – Bangkok journeys, please note that you will require an entry visa for Laos.

For passengers boarding the train in Bangkok, two passport-sized photographs are required upon check-in at Bangkok’s Hualampong Station in order for your visa application to be processed.



No special health certificates are required, but you should request advice from your medical practitioner or travel specialist. Quarantine arrangements apply to travellers affected by yellow fever.



Customs regulations are in line with those prevailing elsewhere in the world, however, the importation of prohibited items carries serious penalties. In particular, the importation of narcotics into Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore is treated very seriously. On conviction, the death penalty is still applied in certain cases.

During your journey, staff and agents of Eastern & Oriental Express will provide assistance to facilitate border formalities. You will be required to provide relevant information and hand over your passport at the appropriate times. Please note, however, that it is the responsibility of each individual passenger to ensure that they are in possession of the necessary and valid documentation. The Company assumes no responsibility for the consequences of any failure to comply.

At the Malaysian Customs and Immigration facility, the E&O stops and passengers must disembark and pass through Customs and Immigration. Passengers must take all their hand baggage with them while their main luggage is removed for security screening procedures. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for these formalities when organizing your onward arrangements.

Passport and customs formalities take place at the Malaysian/Thai border. Passengers will not normally be disturbed during the journey. Passports will be held during the journey by the stewards and will be returned immediately prior to disembarking.


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