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Frequently Asked Questions


What is GowayLite?

GowayLite is the brand name we use for Goway’s online booking engine - providing competitive Flight + Hotel packages for Globetrotters travelling the world. We provide accurately priced, flight and hotel packages in real-time with availability. Our robust search engine will provide results in seconds.


Is it safe to buy online?

We use the latest technology to keep your information safe and secure. We use 256-bit encryption technology to securely encrypt your data, and we DO NOT store any sensitive information on our servers.  


What are your payment rules and requirements?

All Airfares must be paid in full at the time of booking by credit card only, regardless of how far in advance of the travel date they are booked. Please note we reserve the right to delay issuance and/or release of any travel documents until full payment is secured.


How do I know my flight booking is confirmed?

When you have completed your flight booking, you will reach the confirmation screen (your flight booking is only complete once you reach this page). It is advisable to print this page out and keep it for your records. You will also be sent a confirmation email shortly afterwards. Both the email and the confirmation page contain your travel details and the price of your booking along with the invoice number. You should quote the invoice number if you need to get in touch with us at anytime.


What are e-Tickets and why should I use them?

Electronic tickets or e-tickets are now offered by the majority of airlines. An e-ticket confirms your airline ticket purchase without requiring a paper record; the only record of an e-ticket sale is in electronic form in the airline's computer system. Please note: Some airlines still issue paper tickets for some flights. If you receive a paper ticket, which is a cardboard ticket/coupon in a wallet, you must present this at the airport check-in counter or you will be unable to board your flight. If you are unsure whether you have a paper or e-ticket, please contact [email protected].


Are there special flight prices for infants?

Infant fares can vary between the airlines, although they are usually 10% of the quoted adult fare plus taxes. Child fares are usually 75% of the quoted adult fare plus tax.


How long before my departure do I need to check-in?

International flights - check in at least 3 hours prior to departure Domestic flights - check in at least 2 hours prior to departure Boarding usually begins 45 minutes prior to departure. Some airlines now allow you to check in online. Please check your airline's website for details. Note: If you arrive at the airport later than your specified check-in time, we will not accept responsibility if you are unable to travel.


What is a schedule change?

From time to time an airline may change the times/route/dates of your flight. If the time changes by more than 40 minutes then we will contact you to notify you of the change. This will be via e-mail or mail. You must reply to accept the change by emailing [email protected]. You must reply within 14 days of receiving your notification. Failure to do so may invalidate your booking.


Periodic Flight departure reminders with up-to-date flight timings via emails 

In some cases there will be schedule changes to flights after the tickets are issued. Inorder to keep our customers informed about the latest flight timings, we send flight itinerary reminders 7days, 3days and a day before the departure of your first flight.


Can I book a flight for an unaccompanied minor?

Unfortunately we are unable to book any children travelling alone. Please note that someairlines do not permit anyone under 16 years of age to travel alone.


When can I expect my refund ? 

When a reservation is cancelled within 3 hours of booking, airfare for the airline portion are not collected and upon request will be full refunded. These funds will return to your credit card normally within 3-5business days, depending on your banking institutions procedures. 

It may take 7 to 14 days to process your refund depending upon airline terms and conditions for refunds. Once your refund is processed, your financial institution may take up to 10 business days to post the credit to your account, and in some cases up to 2 billing cycles to show the credit on your statement.

Your refund will be processed to your original method(s) of payment

Your refund receipt email contains details regarding your refund amount, how, and when you'll get your refund.

If your credit card statement includes a charge from a third party (e.g., a low-cost airline, other suppliers), you will receive your refund from that third party, not Goway. Please contact the respective third party regarding refund timelines and related questions.


What are the credit card transaction or currency conversion fees?

All Credit card payments are processed at a bank in the US, so for credit cards issued in the US there will not be a conversion fee. At time of shopping for an air-fare and on the payment page, the currency U.S. dollar (USD) for US departures, and Canadian dollar (CAD) for all Canadian departures are clearly displayed. Hence there will not be any extra or hidden charges to the users who are paying with a USD or CAD credit card. To avoid any foriegn transaction charges, we settle the payments with US and Canadian banks respectively. But if the credit card is issued in any other country other than the US or Canada, there may be a fee for processing purchases which you can verify with your bank. Goway does not charge any extra fee.


Can I pay with someone else’s credit card (third-party) who is not travelling with me ?

Due to major credit card scams in the travel industry, we will require additional documents as outlined below: 

  • Authorization letter signed by the card holder specifying traveller name's and amount
  • Credit card front and back copy
  • A valid photo ID of the credit card holder
  • Passport copy of the traveller is required when the Credit card holder is not a family member of the traveller.

Please email these documents to [email protected] with PNR number to expedite issuance of your ticket. 


I purchased Travel Insurance with my booking. Who should I contact for the claim?

Travel Insurance is provided by CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION. Click here to read more During your trip, emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day by contacting CSA Travel Protection's designated service provider within the USA at (866) 922-0278 or internationally at (202) 974-6480 (collect calls accepted). Please review your policy documents carefully, and if you have any questions about your plan please contact Customer Service Department at (800) 554-9839. CSA policy is 100% non refundable once issued. it can only be refunded in full, if the flight ticket is not issued


Why did my Flight ticket price suddenly increase or decrease?

Have you seen a sudden price increase in some airline tickets ? Or have they suddenly become cheaper after you purchased your flight tickets ?

This is a global problem with all "BIG BRAND" and Airline websites

It Is fair to say that there is widespread confusion and frustration from travellers who cannot understand why flight prices change so constantly.

This group includes happy customers, too. But 99% such happy customers do not leave a positive review for taking an advantage of a lower fare. But for travellers, who have to pay a fare difference or are surprised by a fare increase are the un-happy customers. 

But it still seems crazy that air fares found one day so often are different the next. We once had a customer tell us that it seems like every time they check a flight there is someone, somewhere spinning a magic wheel that randomly lands on a price.

These questions are legitimate. If you are in the group that can't explain it, you are not alone. And we would like to try to shed a little light on the topic.


How does it effect to GowayLite customers ?

Sometimes we call/email the customer advising the fare difference, but if the difference is small (capped at $10), we honour the fare.

Flights do generally get more expensive the closer you get to flight time. This is because seats at the lowest fare levels sell out as a flight receives more and more bookings.

 The single biggest factor that determines the price of a flight is how heavily booked that flight is. Empty flights have all of their lowest possible fares still available. On full flights, most of the lower fares are sold out. So if you are travelling to a popular place at a popular time, it is even more important than usual to book early.

 Accept that fares can change at any time. We know this is frustrating and makes the process exponentially more difficult. But you just cannot assume that if you see a fare, you have time to discuss it with your family over dinner and come back tomorrow to buy. If you are committed to taking a trip, when you search fares you should have a target price in mind. If you find flights that meet your parameters, grab them. They may not be there same evening

To make it easier for travelers, GowayLite offers free cancellation within 3 hours of reservation provided it is same date from time you have booked. The 4 hour free cancellation does not apply if travel is within 48 hours of flight departure and is only possible if cancelled on calendare date ie., prior to 11:45pm EST on same day.


How does the "Price Drop Guarantee" works?

  • Price drop is applicable on same day of your purchase before 11:30pm EST. After 11:30pm EST the tickets cannot be changed or cancelled and will be subject to airline penatlies 
  • To qualify for "Price Drop" please send us the following:
    a) A screenshot of lower price found
  • b) Where did you find the lower price
  • c) Amount paid with taxes
  • d) Lower price found


Can I purchase travel protection online after my flight tickets are purchased ?

Travel protection (Insurance) can be purchased Click here