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Travel Vacation Packages from Los Angeles

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Goway has been customizing vacation packages departing from Los Angeles for over 48 years. With your ease of travel and time in mind, we have compiled some recommendations which Goway can offer you, the traveler. 

Below are just a few accessible suggestions for you to consider. For more ideas, simply contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your personal needs as we offer travel to over 120 countries.


Short Vacation and Travel Ideas from Los Angeles

If you’re planning to book an extended long weekend or, perhaps have just a week’s vacation in mind, below are a number of easily accessible vacation ideas we have designed from Los Angeles.


Short Vacation Packages from Los Angeles to Europe

The UK and Europe are an overnight journey away on non-stop flights to many major destinations. London is always an attractive destination for anyone who has never been or who has and wants to enjoy the theater, visit first class museums and art galleries plus partake in fabulous shopping. Then there’s Amsterdam or Paris, two major cities offering everything from culture to fine dining. Many other European cities offer the visitor year-round reasons to visit when time is limited.


Short Vacation Packages from Los Angeles to Central and South America

Right on your doorstep is Mexico which has everything from beach vacations to colonial history and culture. Not much further away are Ecuador or Peru with their own special colonial architecture and history and their legends about the Inca civilization.

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For a sun destination with a difference, perhaps consider a Fiji vacation where you can enjoy white sand beaches, snorkel, scuba dive or take a cruise to the outer islands. Another suggestion is Tahiti with its dramatically lush and breathtaking scenery, Polynesian culture and exceptional beaches.    

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Longer Vacation and Travel Ideas from Los Angeles

For those who have a bit more time, we’ve compiled some suggested vacation destinations that are easy to get to from Los Angeles and have plenty to keep you entertained for weeks.

Longer Europe Vacation Packages from Los Angeles 

Europe being a large and varied continent means almost limitless travel suggestions. Why not consider one of the many available river cruises? You can select from the Rhine, the Danube, and the waterways of France on a wine cruise or travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg with stays on board ship in both cities.  Central Europe has not only history and culture but amazing architecture and ambience. Exciting cities such as Prague, Budapest and Vienna offer great vacations. Greece, the cradle of civilization with its ancient historic sites followed by a Greek Islands cruise could be for you. For scenery, you can’t beat a Norway vacation with its dramatic fjord scenery. A trip to Stockholm offers you its quaint Old Town and a Copenhagen vacation has everything from good food to excellent shopping. An emerging destination? A Croatia vacation might be an idea with its stunningly beautiful coastline and first class resorts.

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Asia Vacation Packages from Los Angeles

Looking east, a popular Asia destination out of Los Angeles includes a Japan vacation on a non-stop flight to Tokyo to the land of Imperial palaces, cherry blossoms and traditional festivals. It’s easy to get to China on a direct flight and be in Beijing with its amazing Great Wall, numerous age-old pagodas and Imperial Palace. Then you can easily head to Shanghai, a city of the future. Thailand has exceptional sandy beaches, coral reefs, tropical rainforests and smiling people and a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos will reveal a whole new world of travel.

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Australia and South Pacific Packages from Los Angeles

It’s not as far as you might imagine to fly to the South Pacific from Los Angeles. A trip to Australia, or as we like to call it, ‘Downunder’ will bring you to an amazing continent with indigenous animals, its Great Barrier Reef and its many outstanding wine regions. Time allowing, add on a trip to New Zealand with its contrasting attractions from tropical scenery to snowy mountains. Want more? Consider a stopover en route in Tahiti, Fiji or the Cook Islands

South America Vacation Packages from Los Angeles

A trip down to South America takes as little as 8 hours and could consist of a combination of Ecuador with its colonial capital, Quito and Peru, land of the Incas or Brazil with one of the most breathtaking cities anywhere, Rio de Janeiro and Argentina on a non-stop flight to Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America”. Chile, which can be reached on a non-stop flight to Santiago, is a destination which offers the majestic Andes Mountains, the lakes and glaciers of Patagonia and the striking and wonderful Atacama Desert.   

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Vacation Ideas for the Globetrotter from Los Angeles

Finally, for the Globetrotter who has possibly done everything and been everywhere, consider the earth’s most southern continent on an Antarctic trip. 

The world is full of possibilities so, if you don’t find any of these vacation suggestions to your liking, simply check out our destinations page  for a large selection of travel ideas and destinations

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