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Travel Vacation Packages from San Diego

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Goway has been customizing vacation packages departing from San Diego for over 48 years. With your ease of travel and time in mind, we have compiled some recommendations which Goway can offer you, the traveler. 

Below are just a few accessible travel suggestions from San Diego for you to consider. For more ideas, simply contact our team, and from our list of over 120 countries, we can help plan the right vacation package for you.

Short Vacation and Travel Ideas from San Diego

If you’re planning to book an extended long weekend or, perhaps have just a week’s vacation in mind, below are a number of easily accessible vacation ideas we have designed from San Diego.

Short Vacation Packages from San Diego to Europe

On a non-stop flight, what is not to enjoy on a trip to the UK and London with its theaters, outstanding museums, art galleries and fabulous shopping? The cosmopolitan cities of Amsterdam, Rome or Paris are easily reached with their unique culture and cuisines. There are many other European cities that can provide a short and enjoyable vacation year-round from San Diego.

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Short Vacation Packages from San Diego to Central and South America

5 hours away from San Diego is Mexico City, gateway to Mexico which has everything from beach vacations to colonial history and culture. A little further way is Peru offering its colonial architecture and history as well as an insight into the Inca civilization, especially at the famous archaeological site of Machu Picchu.

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Short Vacation Packages from San Diego to the South Pacific

For a sun destination with accessible flights from San Diego, a Fiji vacation could be yours where you can enjoy white sand beaches, snorkel, scuba dive or take a cruise to the outer islands. Tahiti is also easily reached on a non-stop flight from Los Angeles. Moorea or Bora Bora are tropical paradises with their dramatic breathtaking scenery, Polynesian culture and exceptional beaches.    

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Longer Vacation and Travel Ideas from San Diego

For those who have a bit more time, we’ve compiled some suggested vacation destinations that are easy to get to from San Diego and have plenty to keep you entertained for weeks.

Longer Europe Vacation Packages from San Diego

Europe provides almost limitless travel suggestions. A trip to Italy vacation could include visits to the fascinating cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. Perhaps a Greece  vacation might appeal with its ancient historic sites. A visit here could also include a cruise around the Greek Islands For scenery; you can’t beat a trip to Scandinavia.  You can enjoy a Norway vacation with its dramatic fjord scenery. A trip to Stockholm offers its quaint Old Town and a Copenhagen vacation has everything from good food to excellent shopping. An emerging and different destination is Croatia with its stunningly beautiful coastline and first class resorts. 

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Asia Vacation Packages from San Diego

With flights available from San Diego, some of our popular Asia destinations include a Japan vacation to the land of Imperial palaces, cherry blossoms and traditional festivals. A trip to Bali is convenient from San Diego where you can find fabulous beaches, exotic temples and very friendly inhabitants. A trip to Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos will show you a whole new world emerging from its past. A highlight will be the archaeological site of Angkor Wat with its exotic temples. Travel to China is easy to arrange from San Diego. Visit Beijing with its amazing Great Wall and Imperial Palaces and Xian with its renowned Terra Cotta Warriors. Then continue to Shanghai, a city of the future.

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Australia and South Pacific Packages from San Diego

Direct flights to the South Pacific from San Diego can  take on a trip to Australia, This special continent’s attractions include its indigenous animals, its Great Barrier Reef and its attractively scenic wine regions plus great cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.  Why not continue on to New Zealand with its spectacular attractions from breathtaking fiord scenery, tropical landscapes to soaring mountains. And you can very easily add on a stopover en route in Tahiti, Fiji or the Cook Islands


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South America Vacation Packages from San Diego


Trips to South America can take as little as 10 hours.  Why not combine Ecuador with its colonial capital, Quito and its exceptional wildlife in the Galapagos with Peru with its Inca civilization Or perhaps combine Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities anywhere with Argentina with a visit to sophisticated Buenos Aires. For something different, consider Colombia, a revitalized destination offering tropical landscapes, Andean peaks and a long colonial history together with its architecture.

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Vacation Ideas for the Globetrotter from San Diego

Finally, for the Globetrotter who has maybe been everywhere and is looking for something new, why not head to the earth’s most southern continent on an Antarctic trip. 


The world is full of possibilities so, if you don’t find any of these vacation suggestions to your liking, simply check out our destinations page  for a large selection of travel ideas and destinations.

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