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Wedding Tips and Information

  • Enjoy romantic day tours or dinners on your next trip
  • Make sure you arrive and leave yourself time to recover from any jet lag - no one wants bags under their eyes on their wedding day.
  • Use plenty of sunscreens, Thailand's sun can be very strong in the mornings and early afternoons - strap marks are hard to hide.
  • Package your dress and suits up well so they are not damaged in transit.
  • Pre-book any optional romantic day tours or dinners so you don't have to waste time making arrangements while you are they, just relax and enjoy your time together.
  • You should have two sets of photocopies of all the required documents. Leave one set of photocopied documents at home, just in case. Bring the originals and one set of the photocopies with you to give to your coordinator as the original set is required and they will keep the photocopied set for their files.
  • On your arrival day at the resort where you will be saying I DO, clear your schedule as you will want to spend time with your coordinator to run through any additional queries you may have.
  • Travel Insurance, this is important anything can happen most commonly are delayed flights which might make you miss a night's accommodation. Travel insurance can be purchased through Goway Travel at the time of deposit for your booking. For only a few more dollars it's peace of mind while traveling.
  • Check the expiry dates on all of your credit cards. Call your credit card company and let them know that you will be traveling and when. There is nothing worse than going to pay for dinner on your arrival night and getting declined! Highlight your insurance policy number, you might even want to copy the policy number down and leave it at home this way if you misplace it while traveling you will have the backup at home.
  • Make sure all of your documentation is current, passport etc. Check the spelling of your names on your travel invoices to make sure they are correct before the vouchers are sent to you.
  • Leave a copy of all of your resort details and itinerary and flight schedule with a friend at home.
  • Remember to bring any brochures you have collected on your destination to help organize nights out on the town, shopping areas and parks you might want to visit.
  • Packing; at least a few weeks before your trip, write out a list of things that you think you'll need and want to bring along on your trip. Give yourself more than a few days before the trip to plan what you'll bring. This way you won't forget anything important and you will have time to add or eliminate things on the list. This also helps in the re-packing stage to come home, if you have your list you can check off your belongings to make sure that you haven't left anything behind. Pack correctly; pack your casual wear but remember you might want to glam it up a few nights.
  • Coming home, make sure to schedule yourself at least two days to relax on your return, you may be jet-lagged and this way you can spend two days as newlyweds in your home.
  • When you come home we would love to hear from you, please call us and let us know how wonderful your wedding was.
  • Enjoy your Romantic Thailand Wedding.

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