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Uplift: Book Now, Pay Over Time

Experience Buyers Joy

Feel good about what you book and how you pay for it. With Uplift, you can make thoughtful purchases and pay for them in bite-sized pieces while keeping yourself on budget

Low Monthly Payments

Budget-friendly loan options

Easy Application

Quick decision


No late fees or
prepayment penalties

Easy Autopay

No payment dates
to remember


How Uplift Works?


1) Plan your purchase with an agent
Your purchase can include everything from a cruise to airfare,excursions and more.

2) Quick & Easy
Provide a few pieces of information and receive a quick decision.

3) Enjoy Now
Enjoy your trip now and pay for it over time with low monthly installments.


Why Uplift?

Uplift gives you the freedom to purchase what you want now and pay over time with fixed monthly payments. Uplift is often a better alternative to credit cards because Uplift charges only simple interest while credit cards charge interest on interest. Uplift also makes budgeting easy so you can manage your expenses over time rather than paying one large sum all at once.


What is the advantage of using Uplift vs a credit card?

Credit cards charge interest on interest, Uplift charges only simple interest. It’s hard to understand costs when using a credit card if the consumer is carrying a balance. Uplift finance costs are clear at the time of the purchase with no hidden fees or late payment penalties. Uplift makes it easy to budget and pay for a purchase over time rather than paying upfront and then carrying the full cost for an extended period.


If I purchase a trip can I travel before it is paid off?

Yes! Goway will allow you to make your final payment with Uplift which is approximately 60 days prior to departure. Other than that, you are free to travel whenever – even before you’re all paid off.


If I cancel my travel plans what happens?

You’ll need to initiate any cancellations with the travel provider first. If the travel provider’s cancellation policy allows for a refund, we’ll update your account after the cancellation is fully processed. If you are not eligible for a refund from the travel provider, you are still responsible for the outstanding balance and your monthly payments remain the same until your balance is paid in full.


How do I receive the refund?

Once Goway cancels the trip, they will refund Uplift, this may take a few business days. If you receive a refund for more than the balance owed on your account, we will credit back all remaining funds to the method of payment used to make the initial payment. In the event that you no longer have that method of payment (e.g., you used a card that is no longer valid), we will work with you to issue an electronic refund through Zelle.


Does checking my rate impact my credit score?

US Residents: When you check your eligibility, a “soft” credit inquiry occurs to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing. A soft credit inquiry doesn’t affect your credit score. Uplift does not perform a hard credit inquiry.

Canadian Residents: When you check your eligibility a “soft” credit inquiry occurs to verify your identity and determine your eligibility. A soft credit inquiry doesn’t affect your credit score. However, when you submit an application, a hard credit inquiry will be placed, which may impact your credit score.


How are my loan term offers determined?

Uplift looks at a number of factors, including your credit information, purchase details, and more.


How is my interest/ APR determined?

APRs may range from 0% to 36% and are based on a number of factors including your consumer credit information, purchase details, current loan activity, and more.


How much can I take out on my uplift loan?

For US clients in US Dollars: Minimum $150 and Maximum of $25,000

For Canadian clients in Canadian Dollars: Minimum $300 and a maximum of $25,000


How long can I take to repay Uplift?

The system will offer term lengths from 3 months to 24 months at the time you agree to your payment plan.



US: Down payment may be required. Actual Ierms are based on your credit score and other factors and may vary. APRs range from 0% to 36%, Not everyone is eligible, Loans made through Uplift are offered by these lending partners: uplift.com/lenders. Privacy Policy, Terms of Use. Uplift's Address: 440 N, Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085


CA: Down payment may be required. Actual terms are based on your credit score and other factors and may vary, APRs range from 0% to 31.99%, Not everyone is eligible. Applicants are subject to approval by Uplift Canada. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. Uplift Canada Address:
410 Adelaide Street West, Suite 220, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1S8



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