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Goway Logo Story

  • Goway's very first logo features "Flying G"
  • Logo for a short period
  • Official logo early 70's features "Flying G"
  • Common use of Logo from 2000 to 2018
  • Goway Family brands that feature the "Flying G"
  • This logo introduced in 2018

In 1970 we never believed Goway would become so big that our logo, whatever it was, would be able to stand on its own e.g. like the Nike “swoosh”. Our objective was to make our “Name” … (which is unique, implies travel and cannot be copied as is not an actual word) our logo. For instance, nobody can own the word(s) DOWNUNDER … but we do, as a trade mark, when it is presented up-side down. We did create the “Flying G” which incidentally is not like the US post office logo, particularly as it points the other way.

The creator (Don Lee) of the logo, that existed for decades, came up with a concept that enhances our unique name. The word Goway is slightly slanted left to right and the flying G points left (the opposite). On a wall of logos, Goway and the flying G always stand out. It was also an easy name/logo to add “.com” to.

We have also used the Flying G in GowayAir, GroupsOnly and Goway Inbound.

In 2018 our logo was modified again and many people will not have noticed. All letters are capitalized & we still feature the flying "G".

The flying G was part of the design of our 2017 signature brochures. Because it is not yet a household recognized design, many people did not understand the significance. They probably thought our front page design was a bit strange.

Anyhow, Goway’s philosophy has always been... we like being different! 

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