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Aren Bergstrom Getaway Guide Editor 2 years, 7 months ago

These Are the Best Islands to Visit Right Now

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Whenever you get to the dog days of summer in late August, those final weeks of sunshine and carefree days can seem evermore precious. Luckily, you can travel to somewhere right now or next year where those carefree days of sunshine never end.

That’s the beauty of an island vacation. Islands in the Indian Ocean, South Pacific, or Mediterranean Sea are warm all year round and offer the chance to capture the idylls of summer when other parts of the world are cold. In a year defined by travel uncertainty and shifting rules and frameworks, islands also offer certainty, not only in their open borders but also in their promise of beautiful weather in destination.

The following island destinations are particularly appealing and offer all the makings of an unforgettable island escape. If you’re wanting to get away somewhere warm right now or start planning for next year, keep these hot spots in mind.

What are the best island destinations to visit right now?

The Maldives

Maldives beach

The Maldives is one of the hottest destinations in the world right now, and we’re not talking about the weather. Yes, the Maldives has envious weather with daily temperatures around 30°C and waters that are warm year-round. But it’s the nation’s promise of high-end, private luxury that is the main allure right now. The key word is private. In the Maldives, where every resort is located on its own island in an isolated coral atoll, every resort is, by nature, private. The resorts are known for their swanky accommodations and high-end inclusions, such as world-class spas, overwater bungalows, and ultra-lux villas that make you feel like royalty. The sands are white and pure and you’ll never be lacking for space while relaxing on the beach. There are coral reefs you can dive through and explore, shipwrecks to spot under the waves, and migrating whale sharks to snorkel alongside. You can go deep sea fishing or book a few days aboard a liveaboard sailboat. You can dine in a world-famous underwater restaurant or enjoy a romantic picnic on your own private beach. There’s even an underwater nightclub! The Maldives is an island wonderland with peerless luxury and privacy. No wonder it’s the place to be right now.


Mykonos windmills

Greece offers unparalleled historical attractions while sacrificing nothing in terms of island pleasures. The nation has many islands to choose from, but most people stick to the most popular spots in the Cyclades such as Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini is famous for its white-washed buildings with blue domes and hilly, volcanic landscape that offers incredible peaks from which to watch the sunset over the waters. It’s true that the towns of Oia and Fira look like something out of a fairy tale, but don’t sleep on the rural parts of the island. You can hike to a massive volcanic caldera, delve into Minoan history from over 3,600 years ago, and relax on red-sand beaches. Mykonos is known as party central in the Cyclades, so it’s a great place to go if you want to pair days at the beach with nights at the club. It’s also known for its historical sites, especially its famous white windmills that you can see from the main village, Chora. Crete is not part of the Cyclades, but it is the largest of the Greek Islands and a great spot to explore history in Heraklion and discover hidden beaches along the dramatic coastlines of the island. You don’t even have to visit these three particular islands either. Head to Paros and Antiparos, Naxos, Syros, and many other of the Greek Islands, which offer beaches and history aplenty. We’re already receiving many inquiries for vacations to the Greek Islands for summer 2022, so don’t wait to plan your escape.

The Islands of Tahiti

Moorea sunset

The Islands of Tahiti need no introduction. If we were bold, we’d leave it there and call it a day, but we might as well reiterate a few features about these famously romantic islands while we’re here. Essentially, The Islands of Tahiti are romance in physical form. Pick an island and you have all the makings of a beautiful escape you’ll never forget. Going to Bora Bora? Enjoy your pampering overwater bungalow with views of the shimmering lagoon and towering Mt. Otemanu. We’re not jealous at all. Want to see Moorea? Enjoy the backdrop of green mountain peaks while you swim in the shallow lagoon and discover all manner of sea life in the coral reefs. Staying on Tahiti itself? Have fun hitting up the famous tastes of the food trucks, Les Roulottes, in Papeete and hiking alongside hidden waterfalls and jungle pools in the Papenoo Valley. Going to Huahine? Raiatea? Tahaa? Wherever you go here, you’ll enjoy weather that’s the envy of the rest of the world and an idyllic vision of island paradise right here on earth.


Paradise Island

The islands of southern Thailand are a natural playground for international travellers. Phuket is the largest of the islands and the most famous. It sits on the Andaman Sea and has a popular mix of white-sand beaches, luxury resorts, towering mountains, and great sunset views. Resorts such as Pavilions Phuket offer the chance to stay in luxury accommodations with daily wellness treatments and the best island views from its highest peak. On Phuket, you can explore the mainland villages and learn about Thai cultures spend the day at the beach, go snorkelling and diving through coral reefs, or rent a kayak and explore the hidden coves and caves of the surrounding karst islands. Koh Samui is also currently open to international travellers and is the nation’s third-largest island. It too has a stunning natural environment of jungles, sandy beaches, and mountains. Stay at an island resort and spend your time discovering the local culinary scene or exploring the emerald waters of its many bays.

Book a group island vacation

Bali beach

Don’t forget, you don’t have to go it alone! You can book a group vacation to any of these aforementioned island destinations or other spots like Bali, which haven’t reopened yet. All you need is 10 fellow travellers like yourself and you go customize the ultimate group vacation with Goway Groups Only. Our groups team members are experts at building tailor-made vacations for all manner of groups, whether religious organizations, sports teams, professional organizations, or extended families. You can take inspiration from our suggested itineraries on our website, such as group bubble vacations to Greece or Bali, or you can get creative alongside your groups expert and build the entire thing from scratch. Sometimes you want to head to a beautiful island to escape others, but sometimes it’s more fun to bring others along with you and enjoy an island with the best company. You can do both with Goway.

Start planning for a future island getaway

Fiji sunset

You’ll notice that this list of destinations isn’t exhaustive. That’s because many of the world’s most beautiful island destinations have not reopened to international travellers yet. Some of these openings are coming in the near future, while others may take a bit longer, but there is one certainty: they are coming. Bali, the Cook Islands, and Fiji are justifiably beautiful places with warm weather, sandy beaches, and friendly locals that love to share their island paradises with travellers. You may not be able to travel there today, but you can start planning for tomorrow. 

So start planning that island getaway. Either escape to a beautiful place this fall or make sure you get to lounge on a beach for a few weeks next year. Goway can make it happen. Get in touch and let’s help you enjoy endless summer.

23 Aug 2021, 3:42 p.m.

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