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Carolyn Weppler Goway Senior VP 1 year, 5 months ago

Goway Is Ready for Your Business in 2022

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We are ready! And it seems that not everyone is. The world of travel is in a frenzy right now, dealing with inflation, supply chains, and a pent up demand for travel. Some companies have been caught unawares, but not Goway. We’ve planned for this day and we’re ready to help you plan your dream vacation, no matter the current challenges.

How is Goway ready to plan summer getaways and beyond?

Goway has staffed up during the past 6 months

In the travel industry, we all knew that a massive travel boom was coming. But it would seem that many travel companies weren’t prepared and are struggling to keep up with the pent-up demand to plan that much needed vacation for this summer, fall, and even beyond. We don’t have this problem at Goway. We kept a core team of staff working throughout the entire pandemic, recalled the rest of our staff in 2021, and have even begun onboarding new Destination Specialists since September 2021. We’re bringing on more team members each month and will continue to do so to service the massive travel demand. So know that we have over 130 Destination Specialists that are ready to help you plan your vacation.

Goway has shorter wait times

Some travel companies are posting apologies for the long wait times for responses to travel inquiries. Luckily, because we have appropriate staff numbers, while other companies have long wait times, we are busy planning trips and ready to create your perfect vacation. That’s not to say we can guarantee zero wait times, but you’ll hear from us faster than you will from others. We’re ready and excited to hear from you.

Goway has trained its staff over the past two years

While travel slowed to a crawl over the pandemic, our Destination Specialists were busy learning more about the destinations they sell. Once borders began to reopen, they’ve even started to do education travel again. We’ve had experts go to Dubai, Costa Rica, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy, Argentina, and France, to name just a few spots. At Goway, we are committed to ensuring that our agents have first-hand travel experiences in the destinations they sell. That way, they can curate the best possible vacation for you. Our experts know all the nitty gritty details on destinations and the ins-and-outs of travel in 2022. If you need help navigating the new world of travel or want expert advice on where to go or what to do, our Destination Specialists are here to help.

Goway is trusted by our past travellers

We are dedicated to providing the best booking and travel experience. That’s why we rely on Trustpilot to offer verified, independent reviews of the booking and travel experience with Goway. Trustpilot is an independent organization that offers reviews from verified travellers about their experiences with Goway. Unlike other travel companies, our Trustpilot rating incorporates the whole travel experience, not just the booking experience. At the time of writing, we’ve got a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, which rates as “excellent!” You can read more at Trustpilot to see what travellers have to say about their travel experiences with Goway.

Goway has great travel offers for this summer, fall, and beyond

Over the past two years, we’ve refurbished our travel product line and expanded our offerings. For instance, we’ve added more private-guided travel experiences as well as more small-group touring, understanding that intimate experiences on vacation are more important than ever. For a preview of our current travel offers, check out our special offers page and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Goway Destination Specialist if you feel inspired by what you find there.

14 Apr 2022, 3:02 p.m.

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