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Aren Bergstrom Head of Content & Communications 1 year, 1 month ago

Make 2023 the Year to Explore Chile

  • mountains in Chile's Torres del Paine

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To go on an epic adventure? To savour the world’s greatest food and wine? To drink in the beauty of nature or experience the diversity of human culture? Sounds like you need to “go for Chile” in 2023. The South American nation will check off every box on your list.

Chile is one of South America’s most remarkable nations. The geography is long and thin, stretching from Peru’s southern border all the way to the southern tip of the continent. In the north, you’ll find the sun-bleached reaches of the Atacama Desert, the flattest and driest desert on the planet (excepting Antarctica)—the World Travel Awards have also named it the most romantic place in South America for five years running, so it’s a desert that knows how to charm. In the south, you’ll discover Patagonia and its famous hiking trails that take you beneath mountain spires and over wind-swept stretches of earth that harken back to prehistoric times. 

In between lies the gorgeous capital, Santiago, a city of food and culture with an unbeatable backdrop of mountains. You’ll also find the winelands that produce world-famous vintages and the coastal ports where beaches and ocean fun await. And far off the Pacific coastline lies Rapa Nui/Easter Island, the mythical island of the moai, where you can enjoy a luxurious escape in the South Pacific while unlocking some of the most beguiling mysteries in the world.

Chile is also an easy country to explore. The major cities have all the amenities travellers are used to back home, while the tourism infrastructure in the countryside allows travellers to explore at ease, regardless of the price point. You can travel with a private guide for an exclusive touring experience or join a small group of like-minded travellers to meet new friends as you explore the nation together. Whether it’s your first time experiencing Chile’s buena onda (good vibes) or you’re returning to explore more of its 4,300km long landscape, you’ll find a lot to remember for the rest of your life. 

So brush up on your Spanish and head south for a Chile vacation. You can learn more about Goway’s vacation packages to Chile on our website.

What can you do on a trip to Chile?

Go on an Unforgettable Adventure in the Mountains or Desert

Atacama Desert

Chile is not lacking for breathtaking landscapes. Take your pick of mountains, deserts, coasts, or lakes, and embark on an adventure that’ll leave you in awe of natural majesty. Watch flamingos feast in the shallow lagoons of the Atacama Desert, offering a burst of vibrant pink to the rocky earth, and gaze upon the wonders of the Milky Way once the sun goes down. Hike the alpine lakes of the Lake District, based out of Puerto Varas, or go skiing in the winter months. Hike beneath the Towers of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia or spend an afternoon alongside a glacier, watching ice calve from its face and plunge into the glacial pools below. If you have the time, you should also visit the remote Marble Caves on General Carrera Lake. Glacial drip has carved these caves over thousands of years, creating a stunning design that showcases the mind-blowing natural colours.

Delve into Chilean History & Culture in Santiago

skyscrapers in Chile's capital Santiago

As the capital, Santiago is ground zero for Chilean history and culture. Check off some key historic landmarks in the Plaza de Armas, home to the Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago (Royal Palace) and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago before you swing by La Moneda Palace, a striking, white-washed colonial palace that serves as the seat of the president. Head into the Costanera Centre for a taste of modern Chile, taking some time to appreciate the views from the observation deck of the Gran Torre Santiago Tower, a 300m-tall building that’s the tallest in Latin America. Cap off the day of sightseeing by heading up San Cristobal Hill, which offers views of the Andes Mountains beneath the iconic statue of the Virgin Mary. Now that you’ve seen the sights, spend the rest of your time in Santiago enjoying its bohemian vibe and admiring street art in Bellavista, or connect to nearby Valparaiso, the port city, which offers a multitude of coastal lookouts from its hillsides dotted with colourful homes.

Savour the Hearty Flavours of Food & Wine

Chilean vineyard

Do you like red meat and red wine? Then you’re going to love Chile. This is a country made for wine and food lovers. You don’t have to venture too far from Santiago to explore one of the world’s great wine regions, such as the Maipo Valley or Colchagua Valley. Go on a wine tour to sip on Syrahs or Malbecs or try the variety of Cabernet wines, all while enjoying the views of the Andes. As for food, you’ll find plenty of local specialities to try depending on where you are in the country. Grab some sopapillas (pumpkin fritters) while walking the streets of Santiago or enjoy a churrasco (sirloin steak sandwich) for lunch. Dig into a filling plate of chorrillana (sliced steak on french fries, scrambled eggs, and fried onions) or enjoy a hearty bowl of cazuela de vacuno (beef stew). If you’re near the coast, don’t forget to order some ceviche made from Chilean sea bass and cap it off with a pisco sour. A Chilean vacation is an invitation to indulge.

Enjoy a Romantic Lakeside Escape

Lake District Chile

If you’re looking to get away with your special someone, you can’t ask for a better spot than the Lake District. This region south of Santiago bursts with vibrant blues, greens, and whites from the deep lakes, dense forests, and towering mountains. The towns offer a little taste of continental Europe in South America, with cute wood-trimmed homes skirting the lakes and well-equipped eco-lodges throughout the region. Spend a morning on horseback on the slopes of Calbuco Volcano, an afternoon relaxing in a thermal hot spring, and an evening dining alongside a lake, with the fresh air wafting over the water.

Experience the Mysterious Power of Rapa Nui

moai Easter Island

It might be located 3,700km off the coast of Chile, but make no mistake, Rapa Nui (more commonly known as Easter Island) offers an unforgettable Chilean vacation. The island is most famous for the moai, the massive stone statues of human figures believed to have been sacred altars to ancestors during the island’s heyday. The moai offer an otherworldly atmosphere to the island, but Rapa Nui is not just about historical ponderings. It’s a place to enjoy the beach and landscape, with plenty of opportunities for soft adventure and eco-luxury relaxation.

Chile has all the makings of an unforgettable vacation in 2023. Escape to an enviable romantic locale, go on an epic adventure through awe-inspiring landscapes, sample some of the world’s greatest wine vintages, or ponder the mysteries of one of the world’s most famous islands. There’s a lot to love in Chile and just as much to explore. Get in touch with a Destination Specialist or your trusted travel advisor when you’re ready to plan a Chilean vacation.

This article was written in partnership with Chile Travel.

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11 Jan 2023, 7:24 p.m.

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