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Jennifer Murray Groups Reservations Manager 10 months, 2 weeks ago

“I Travelled for Free!”: How to Create an Unforgettable Group Vacation with Goway Groups Only

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Everyone has an idea of what a group vacation is, but not everyone knows how to put one together. We’re here to fix that! Because everyone and anyone can plan a group vacation and experience the wonders of travelling alongside a group of family, friends, club members or fellow professionals.

We’re going to walk you through the stages of putting together a group vacation with Goway Groups Only. We also chatted to one of our great partners, Yani Williams from Archer Travel Services, who has been working in travel for around 10 years and became a certified travel agent three years ago. Yani and her group recently went on an unforgettable group vacation to The Islands of Tahiti with Goway. We’ve included Yani’s first-hand insight about working with Goway Groups Only. Now, let’s walk you through the process of creating an unforgettable group vacation with Goway Groups Only.

What is a group vacation?

travel group in Tahiti

First things first, we should define what we mean by a group vacation. With Goway Groups Only, a group vacation is any trip planned with a minimum of 10 adults all travelling together on the same itinerary. Our group vacations are all fully customizable and private. They are planned for your group and your group only. “I have put many groups together,” Yani told us. “We have included family trips, birthday trips, and general travel groups.” We plan group vacations for anyone who wants to go on a trip with 10 or more others. As to what you do and where you go on a group vacation, that’s all up to you! However, we’ve got some sample itineraries to get the ball rolling on our website.

How do I start planning a group vacation?

You simply get in touch to kick off the planning process. Shoot us an email at [email protected], call us at 1-800-838-0618, request a free quote, heck, send us a letter in the mail. We’re happy to chat however you wish and start planning your trip together.

When should I start planning a group vacation?

The more lead time is better, as it takes a lot of time to plan a group vacation and we want to get you the best prices and availability. You should get in touch at least 12 months in advance for a speculative (spec) group, but even if you already have your group filled, you should give yourself as much time to plan as possible. However, we can always help you at the last minute as well. “I was planning this trip to Tahiti for two years,” Yani said. That lead time gave her and us the chance to make sure the vacation was everything she dreamed it could be.

What do you mean by speculative group? Do I have to have 10 travellers to start planning?

Nope. There are spec groups and non-spec groups for group vacations. Spec groups usually start with little-to-no passengers, and involve finding the minimum 10 passengers as a part of the group planning process. There are also non-spec groups, which are already full for passengers when you start planning. These can be larger family groups or professional organizations, just to name two examples.

Do I need to make a deposit to start planning a group vacation?

Yes, you do. We require a $1,000 deposit per group (not per person) to hold group space. Occasionally, hotels and tours require additional fees, but we’ll be in touch if that’s the case.

OK, so what does group vacation planning look like?

Bora Bora overwater bungalows

This is where the fun begins! We have a conversation and start to identify what you imagine for a group vacation. Where do you want to go? How long do you want to go? What are your interests? Are your fellow travellers family members, friends, or members of a professional organization or hobby club? What is most important to you on a vacation? 

We listen to your answers and start the process of finding hotels, flights, tours, meals, and special experiences that speak to your interests and give you the travel experience you’re dreaming about. As Yani puts it, “We chose Tahiti because it was a dream trip for all of our patrons. There were eight couples and they were all celebrating a special occasion. So it was fitting to celebrate in such an exotic destination.”

I hear group tour leaders can travel for free. Is this true?

Yes it is! With a minimum of 10 paying passengers, we offer leaders one free of charge ticket for each group vacation. Note that this is only guaranteed for land-only arrangements (hotels, tours, etc.) as airfare is by a case-by-case basis. Working in group travel is also a great way to make money. Not only can you go on vacation for free, but you can also make a profit doing so. It’s win-win!

What is the advantage of working with Goway Groups Only?

Our name says it all! All we do is groups. We are dedicated to group travel and your individual group specialist will see you through the entire process, from that first conversation about your travel dreams to your final landing back home. We have loads of experience and great partnerships with tour operators in destination as well as larger professional travel organizations, such as airlines and consortia. We have seen and done it all, so we know how to make things work for even the most esoteric interests. So don’t worry if you think your vacation ideas are too niche. We can make it happen!

“Everything was great and the tour guides did a wonderful job,” Yani said about her group trip to The Islands of Tahiti. “We enjoyed how clean and attentive the staff was at each hotel throughout the various islands. The only downside is that we couldn’t stay longer!”

Once the vacation is over, many of our group leaders immediately start planning their next group vacation with Goway Groups Only. Take it from Yani: “Our next group trip is slated for Greece in 2024. I am so excited to be working with Goway on that trip just as I did with our trip to Tahiti. Thanks Goway for making travel fun!”

If you want to start planning a group vacation with Goway Groups Only, get in touch with a Groups Specialist.

19 Jan 2023, 5:51 p.m.

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