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Christian Baines Senior Content Editor 1 year, 1 month ago

See, Taste & Experience a New Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong tram

The wait has been worth it! Hong Kong has emerged from the pandemic refreshed, renewed, and eager to welcome back visitors. From families to foodies, to art lovers and hikers, Hong Kong has always had something to offer every kind of traveler. Now, after 3+ long years of tourism silence, Asia’s crossroads is ready to show a whole new face.

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Dim Sum: The Heart of a Hong Kong City Break

Hong Kong dim sum

When someone calls food the heart of Hong Kong, they’re not just being cute. Dim sum literally means "touch the heart." In a way, that tells you everything about this Cantonese communal dining tradition. While the practice has long gone global, enjoying dim sum with family or friends in Hong Kong remains a special experience, as you catch up over steaming dumplings, buns, sticky rice, succulent seafood, and other Cantonese staples. In some tea houses, dim sum became a standard accompaniment, spinning off the tradition of yum cha, a uniquely Cantonese brunch. But whatever you call it, it remains Hong Kong’s definitive culinary contribution. Food and love are intertwined in Hong Kong, and a food tour through the city (including a dim sum stop, of course!) is the best way to taste Hong Kong from barbecued meats to school lunch treats such as dragon beard candy.  

Fine Dining in Hong Kong Reveals the International City

Hong Kong fine dining

As much as Hong Kong loves dim sum, the city is serious about food at every level, and from every country. While Cantonese chefs are famous for being able to turn just about any natural product into something delicious, don’t feel like you’re limited to Chinese food in this highly international city. Renowned chefs from Europe, North America, Australia, and other parts of Asia come to Hong Kong to make their mark. The city is home to no fewer than 71 Michelin-starred restaurants that span a mouth-watering array of cuisines. We could list the city’s hottest new restaurants here, but by the time you arrive, or even by the time you read this, we guarantee there’ll be dozens more. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a gastronomic experience, either. Descend on Hong Kong’s night markets and street food stalls and graze your way through affordable small servings from crispy duck to wonton noodles to barbecued pork. Then finish off with a sweet egg waffle that is pure Hong Kong. 

New Hong Kong Art Adventures

Hong Kong Xiqu Center

A new patch of green now livens up the western edge of Kowloon’s waterfront. West Kowloon Cultural Centre brings together cutting-edge art installations, exciting new museums, and spaces for cultural events just steps from Kowloon MTR station. Its biggest stars are M+, a museum of visual culture exploring fine art, sculpture, cinema, design, and other forms from the 20th century to today, with an international scope and a uniquely Hong Kong perspective. The other is the Hong Kong Palace Museum, which showcases artifacts on loan from the Palace Museum in Beijing, including items never before put on public display. For performing arts, the nearby Xiqu Center offers an eye-opening venue made for Instagram, even if you aren’t there to catch a performance. 

Local Hong Kong Artists on Show

Hong Kong Tai Twun

Proof that a vibrant artistic scene can revitalize any space, Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun, a former prison, has been transformed into a performing arts complex, and PMQ, a former police quarters turned hub for local artists to showcase their creations. Here, you can explore the building’s fascinating history and pick up a souvenir that’s totally unique to Hong Kong. Not all of Hong Kong’s creativity is housed in revitalized galleries or historic buildings, however. Hong Kong has become one of Asia’s great street art destinations. Hong Kong artists have a long history of expressing themselves in sometimes underground spaces. Now, the city has embraced some of that work, as scrappy yet attractive street art livens the sides of buildings next to refined luxury boutiques. 

A Country Getaway Minutes from Hong Kong City

Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

For a city with over 550 skyscrapers, a number that dwarfs even Manhattan or Dubai, Hong Kong offers one more staggering number. It’s over 70% rural, containing vast country parks from end to end. Ultimately, it may be the urban crossroads of Asia, but Hong Kong is a city defined by scenic peaks, white sand beaches, beautiful bays, and a sense of endless potential. Rain isn’t unusual in Hong Kong, so a light waterproof jacket is always a good idea, but from the quick 45-minute Finger Hill Trail in Peng Chau to the epic 4-hour trek to the Ngong Ping Big Buddha, easily seen from the better known Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Hong Kong is criss-crossed with great hiking trails. Another great trail for urban views is Lion Peak, which looms above SikSik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful and important religious centers. Nearby Chi Lin Nunnery is another great place for quiet reflection if you don’t have time to hike Hong Kong’s trails. 

Hong Kong Vacation Options for Families

family visiting Hong Kong

The common misconception that Hong Kong is a destination only about dining and shopping (both of which it does brilliantly) shouldn’t put families off planning a trip to Hong Kong. This is a destination with plenty of high-profile family offerings. On Lantau Island, there’s the 360 Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village and Buddha. Yet closer to sea level, you can dive into the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland. A must for Disney completists, the park offers something to thrill just about anyone, including unique attractions like Mystic Manor and the Iron Man Experience, not found in other Disney parks. At the southern tip of Hong Kong Island (now reachable on the MTR) sits the city’s other great theme park, Ocean Park. Nature, pop culture and thrill rides come together in this "only in Hong Kong" attraction.

17 Apr 2023, 7:39 p.m.

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