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Aren Bergstrom Head of Content & Communications 8 months, 2 weeks ago

6 Reasons to Return to Thailand Throughout Your Life

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Thailand is a destination to return to throughout your life. It rewards those repeat travelers who want to delve into different regions, enjoy different experiences, and see a destination through the new eyes that age brings.

Thailand is also a country that is ever changing and expanding. New hotels are being built, new restaurants are getting Michelin stars in Bangkok, and new wellness treatments are introduced at southern beach resorts. It’s also one of the most affordable destinations in the world, meaning you can easily extend your stay or upgrade your accommodation and services without breaking the bank. It’s a great destination to visit and revisit throughout your life. To encourage travelers to go beyond the initial visit, we’re listing six of the best reasons to revisit Thailand. You can learn more about Goway’s vacation packages to Thailand on our website.

What are the reasons to revisit Thailand?

1. Thailand has new wellness treatments to experience

RAKxa wellness experience

Thailand is famous for its resorts, which offer tailored wellness experiences for guests who are looking to rehabilitate mind, body, and spirit. The beauty of revisiting Thailand is that there are always new wellness treatments to experience and new resorts to stay at. New luxury retreats such as RAKxa on the Chao Phraya River offer personalized wellness right outside Bangkok, while the southern islands of Phuket and Koh Samui are flush with resorts that are always recalibrating to the latest research into wellness treatments. As you get older, you may need different treatments as well, so the variety of wellness available to you on a Thailand vacation is a boon to travelers.

2. Thailand has endless islands and beaches to explore

boat on Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi

There are over 1,400 islands in Thailand. That’s more than you’re ever likely to visit in your lifetime (unless you’re truly adamant about setting foot on every piece of land on the Andaman Sea). That means that each time you return to Thailand on vacation, you’ve got a new island to explore and new resorts to stay in. Most travelers stay on Phuket or Koh Samui on their first visit to Thailand. On return visits, they can visit less popular islands like Koh Yao Noi or Koh Lanta and avoid some of the crowds while enjoying boutique resort experiences. As well, travelers revisiting Thailand this year will be able to return to Maya Bay—home to the beach made famous by The Beach—which has reopened after being closed to the public for the past several years.

3. Thailand has adventure for all stages of life

jungle bubble at Anantara Golden Triangle

Thailand has diverse landscapes that allow for all kinds of adventures on a vacation. The beaches and islands of the south offer snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and spelunking. The jungles of the north let you hike to remote hill tribe villages and see elephants, gibbons, and other exotic wildlife in the wild. The mountains have twisting roads and highways to explore by motorbike. You can stay in a jungle bubble with elephants as your neighbors at Anantara Golden Triangle outside Chiang Rai. Another visit, you can stay in a luxury treehouse on the highest point of Koh Yao Noi. There are a variety of landscapes to explore in different ways, and each time you visit the nation, you can have a different kind of adventure.

4. Thailand has some of the world’s best and most innovative food

Thailand street food

The food in Thailand is ever changing. Dishes such as pad thai, massaman curry, and tom yum goong will always be popular, but there are always new restaurants and food stalls innovating these dishes and inventing new favorites. Bangkok has 30 restaurants with Michelin stars, and more are always being added to the list. Bangkok is also famous for its street food stalls, which offer some of the best street food in the entire world, from boat noodles to sweet coconut rice. Every time you visit Thailand, there will be a new dish to try, a new restaurant to visit, a new cocktail bar, such as BKK Social Club at the Four Seasons Bangkok, to enjoy a drink at. There’s more flavor in Thailand than can ever be experienced on a single trip.

5. Thailand has a variety of history and culture to experience

statue at Sukhothai Historical Park

Unless you’re in the country for over a month, it’s impossible to explore all the history and culture of Bangkok, let alone the entire country, in a single itinerary. That’s why each time you return to the country, you can explore a different region or city, learn new history, and enjoy some of the iconic cultural experiences that make Thailand so special. In Bangkok, you can go on a shopping spree at the floating markets, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, and the luxe shopping malls such as Siam Paragon. You can tour temples between the major cities, see the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, enjoy the view from Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, and gaze upon the monochromatic dragon scaling of the White Temple in Chiang Rai. You can learn about the ancient kingdoms of Thailand in Sukhothai and Ayutthaya or see the infamous World War II railway on the River Kwai that inspired the classic movie, The Bridge on the River Kwai.

6. Thailand is great to explore as a group

friends in front of a temple Koh Samui

Thailand is a place to explore alongside others. You may visit it solo as a young person backpacking across Southeast Asia, return with your partner for a romantic trip to the southern islands, and then travel with kids in your thirties and forties. Each time you return to the country, you’ll see it in new ways, experiencing it through the eyes of the people you travel with. Thailand is especially great for multi-generational families, as the wide range of travel experiences, affordable price point, and great weather make it attractive for kids and seniors alike. It’s also an appealing group travel destination. Whether you’re part of a historical organization that wants to learn about Southeast Asian history, are planning a wellness retreat with coworkers, or simply have a large group of friends who want to hit up Phuket together, Thailand is made for group travel. Goway Groups Only can tailor group vacations to Thailand for any group of 10 or more travelers.

There are more than six reasons to revisit Thailand throughout your life, but these six points offer a taste of all the ways to experience Thailand throughout your life. It’s affordable, it’s diverse, it’s friendly, and it caters to a multitude of travel interests. If you want to plan a tailor-made return vacation to Thailand, or want to plan your first trip there, get in touch with a Goway Destination Specialist or your trusted travel advisor.

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8 Jun 2023, 8:03 p.m.

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6 Reasons to Return to Thailand Throughout Your Life

Thailand is a destination to return to throughout your life. It rewards those repeat travelers who want to delve into different regions, enjoy different experiences, and see a destination through the new eyes that age brings.


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