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Goway's Tour Directors for Holidays of a Lifetime

Goway is proud of its Tour Directors who always go that extra step to ensure everyone enjoys their tour to the full. Let us introduce you to some of them.



Janet Rivers - Goway Tour DirectorHow long escorting: 16 years at sea working for Cunard and Radisson/Regent and Seaborne Cruises.

How long escorting for Goway: 7 years

Places travelled: 
Sometimes I think it's easier to say where I haven't travelled to.  I used to tell people when they'd ask that I'd never been to Papua New Guinea.  Well, I've been there a few times now so I can't say that any more. Have travelled a great deal in Africa—worked on my pilot's license in South Africa for 6 weeks,  I first went to Asia backpacking and returned a number of times to work on ships.  I fell in love with Vietnam on those voyages.  I got bogged down in India—went for 2 weeks and stayed for 3 months.  it's one of the most vibrant, contrasting and fascinating places in the world.  I travelled with Jean Michael Cousteau through Micronesia and the Truk Islands in the South Pacific, and have marvelled at the quiet majesty of the Milford Sound in New Zealand.  I find myself coming back to Oz, particularly Tasmania—island culture is the same the world over—the language changes but the gentle open nature of the people is always the same. My heart also lies in South and Central America.  I feel know these continents like the back of my hand.  I can't explain what the attraction is but I return to this part of the world again and again and never seem to get enough. Peru... Guatemala... Ecuador... Bolivia... El Salvador...

Favourite destinations:
Well as of this week, it's Tibet.  Ask me again next week.

What Kit likes about being a Tour Director:
Watching a destination "come alive" in the eyes of my guests and knowing I had some small part in making that happen.  It's quite humbling.

Unusual/funny experiences while travelling: 
A couple of years ago I was in one of the highland villages in Guatemala.  The local Mayan population has one remaining ‘god' named Maximon.  He's 4 feet high, drinks rum and smokes Cuban cigars.  He also wears fine Italian suits and pinches girl's bums.  (I'm told).  Anyway Maximon was lying in state in the attic of a local shaman and I took some guests to visit.  We brought presents (rum and cigars) that the shamans promised to give the wooden effigy later. We finished our offering and prayers for favours at his bedside in the attic.  As we were climbing out on a somewhat rickety ladder, it broke under the weight of one of the guests and sent everyone underneath scurrying for safety.  Turns out when he landed, he also trashed most of the downstairs living room and the family altar to the Virgin Mary to boot.  My last recollection of the day's activities was being chased down the road by several drunken shaman waving cigars at us and shouting in the local dialect.  Seems one of us had obviously asked Maximon for too grand a favour and the ensuing chaos was his answer. 

Kit's tips to enjoy your vacation more: 
I'm a big fan of sensible footwear.  Drink water.  It really works to keep your spirits up over a long day.  If you're starting to make mistakes or forget things or get irritated at small stuff—you're likely dehydrated.  Go into every destination with eyes wide open and the innocence of a 5 year old. “We ain't in Kansas anymore Toto!” It's a pretty amazing world and we're really fortunate to get to see as much of it as we do. 

And in Kit’s Spare Time?
I’m a writer and a photographer and am working on a book of short stories—creative non-fiction they call it. Travel stories and every word is true… In the summer, I’m a naturalist canoeing and hiking guide in Algonquin Park, I’m learning how to play a flute and spend a great deal of time looking up into the Milky Way watching the universe evolve.



Ginny Golding - Goway Tour DirectorHow long escorting: 26 years

How long escorting with Goway: 5 years

Places travelled: 

  • Goway Tours 
  • Australia, Fiji, South Africa, Mauritius, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Ireland, Chile, Galapagos, Portugal, Spain

Favourite destinations: 

Hard to say! There is magic in every experience. The people, culture, geography, history and cuisine all make for a unique experience of a lifetime.

What Ginny likes about being a Tour Director: 

Sharing new experiences with people from all over the world. I love to witness my guests as they embrace their travels, seeing the joy it brings them. The pleasure of doing my best to ensure each and every guest enjoys themselves to the fullest is a huge draw for me. I welcome the challenge to facilitate memorable experiences for people.

Unusual/funny experiences while travelling: 

Our guide on our African safari explained that he had never seen lions mating after 18 years in the bush. To our surprise and joy, we all witnessed this amazing sight not once but twice within 4 days! To sit quietly in our Land Rover, steps away from 2 beautiful beasts, these were moments we will never forget! Moments later, the male stood up and fell to the ground in front of our truck, exhausted!

How Ginny feels about her job?

Firstly, it is a gift to do this job. It is a 24/7 endeavour and one that requires patience, organizational skills, adaptability and so much more. I must be 24 hrs ahead of the group ensuring that the itinerary runs smoothly. I also must mask any difficulties or issues to ensure the group is unaware of any problems. The guests must see and trust that all is in order and that I am on top of everything, so all they have to do is fully relax and engage in the tour.

And in Ginny's spare time?

I enjoy personal travel experiences whenever possible, near or far!
I love to play golf, explore with my camera, and be in nature walking or cycling. Enjoying great cuisine with family and friends is another favourite!




Trudy Grupp - Goway Tour Director

How long escorting: 40 years

How long escorting for Goway: 20 years

Places travelled: 
Have travelled around the world many times from the Arctic to the Antarctica and many countries in between. Places like Mongolia, Uzbekistan, the Galapagos , Iran, Papua New Guinea, most of Asia, all of South America, Africa, Arabia, Russia, Greenland, Europe and many more exotic places interesting to see and visit.

Favourite destinations:
Every country has its own attraction and charm and when a traveller has an open mind, they will have wonderful experiences! Every country is very different and so often the people make the difference. I enjoy seeing and experiencing them all.

What Trudy likes about being a Tour Director:
Introducing a destination to visitors, show them the beauty of the destination, get to know the people and their culture and try to give them something wonderful to remember.

Unusual/funny experiences while travelling: 
When I was leading a tour to Australia, I was asked to make all the arrangements in Sydney for a couple in my group who wanted to get married. I organized the whole affair from the priest all the way down to the flowers to decorate the room, the hairdresser, the champagne, the photographer and much more. I felt like a wedding planner! The whole group was then invited and some of us had tears in our eyes! A wonderful experience with lots of work involved!

What Trudy feels about her job: 
This is a 24 hour job and sometimes feels much longer! A lot happens behind the scene and I have to make sure that our passengers don't know if something goes wrong. I experience happy things and sad things on the road and I always have to stay on top of every situation. I have to keep my cool in every situation and make sure I am on top of things at all times.

And in Trudy's spare time?:
I actually still like to travel. Recently I went on an ocean kayaking expedition in British Columbia to view whales up close and watch the grizzly bears fish. Photography, reading, hiking, skiing are only some of my activities in my spare time. Tried gardening this year but it did not work out that well! I am still working on it and will try again when spring comes again!




Rudy Heinrichs - Goway Tour DirectorHow long escorting: 40 years

How long escorting for Goway: 20 years

Places travelled: 
I was born and raised in South America, (Brazil) and have travelled the South American Continent from top to bottom. Africa from Cape Town to Cairo, the Middle East, Europe, the South Pacific and the Orient.

Favourite destinations:
My favourite destinations are the African countries and India not to forget New Zealand.

What Rudy likes about being a Tour Director: 
It is always a pleasure to show people the different ways of living from one country to the next and allow them to experience the local customs and ways of life that seem so different from our own.

A good Tour Director is there for the people when they need them and should help them see and feel different cultures.

As Well as enjoying his work, Rudy wants his HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME travellers to have the best holiday they ever had.

Unusual/funny experiences while travelling: 
The funniest was when Mr. Smith had had a little too much to drink in Melbourne and did not hear his wake up call. I tried knocking on his door but no reply. I presumed Mr. Smith was still sleeping. We did have a flight to catch. I finally tried opening the door but Mr. Smith had put on the safety latch. I realized I could not wake Mr. Smith. His room was on the 6th floor, overlooking the breakfast room. The Hotel Manager and I decided we would climb over the balcony from the room next door and try to open the balcony door. This had to be done with the group having breakfast below us. They could see us climbing over the balcony. We managed to get the balcony door open. Mr. Smith was still sleeping.the Hotel Manager got scared and did not want to enter the room so I had to go in alone. My first thought was that Mr. Smith had passed away as he did look a little pale. I touched his shoulder, opened his eyes and said: Good Morning? Already? I had to explain this climb over the balcony to the rest of the group... with great difficulty!

Rudy's tips to enjoy your vacation more: 
Do not compare one Country with another. Every Country on this earth has something special to offer be it in ways of life or the scenery. Always accept and appreciate the different ways of living.

And in Rudy's spare time?: 
When I do have spare time, I read a lot, listen to classical music, go hiking, experience nature and like walking through the neighbourhood with my dog... all very relaxing things for me.  



Pene Hollingworth - Goway Tour DirectorHow long escorting: 41 years

How long escorting for Goway: 16 years

Places travelled: 

Goway Tours

  • Australia, Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Antarctica, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Jordan, Israel, Finland, Ecuador - Galapagos, Peru, Russia, and Estonia.

Other Destinations Travelled:

  • Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Ireland, France, Switzerland, England, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Venezuela, Latvia, Lithuania, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, various destinations in USA, and the Caribbean.

Favourite destinations:
Impossible to choose! Every country has such a variety of cultural and scenic offerings, not to mention interesting history, people, and cuisine. All have a lot to offer and always something unique and fascinating.  I do have a leaning towards exotic destinations and vastly different cultures than our own. I think that if I had known about the profession when I left high school, I would have been an anthropologist.  Visiting other countries gives a person a different perspective on life and what is happening in the world. I consider myself very fortunate to have met and learned from so many wonderful people in so many different countries. 

What Pene likes about being a Tour Director:
I take great pleasure in introducing travellers to the wonders of the countries that Goway includes in their “Holidays of a Lifetime” tours.  It is very special to see the interaction between the local people and our guests, to see them enjoy all the new experiences they sample on tour.  I have also met such wonderful guests on the tours and to me the biggest pleasure watching them have a great time.  

Unusual/funny experiences while travelling: 
There have been many, but one happy experience was with a young couple who came on tour with an extra suitcase full of a wedding dress and necessary gear for a wedding in Sydney. They had booked a wedding, on line, for the day the tour was to be in Sydney and they approached me in a panic as they had been unable to connect with the wedding planners for some time. (The money was already paid) They asked for my help as they were afraid that the wedding might not happen. I arranged provisional planners and we crossed our fingers. On the day of the wedding the original planners showed up and the wedding went off without a problem. While touring with the rest of the group, we crossed paths at our formal group picture spot and were able to include the couple in our picture in full wedding gear. As the wedding was over and they were at loose ends, until dinner, we did the rest of the tour with our newlyweds in wedding dress and tuxedo on the coach with the rest of the group. 

How Pene feels about her job?:
I am one of the world’s fortunate few who have been able to work at a job I love to do. It is a job that takes total commitment, but the rewards are huge. Sleep can be very sparse, but when you see the pleasure that your guests derive from the various destinations it is all worth it. I love the challenge of problem solving and keeping all   worries away from my guests, so that they will have a very special holiday. Meeting people is the highlight for me. Tour directing has taught me so much, and as I feel that you need to learn at least one new thing each day, this is the ideal profession for me. 

What does Pene do in her spare time?:
I enjoy my family and all my other various activities. I am a potter, painter, fabric artist, writer, and photographer. I indulge in all these artistic pursuits whenever possible. I have written articles for a small newspaper and I volunteer teach pottery to children’s groups. I love nature and the outdoors. At home well prepared different cuisines and a colourful garden are also important to me.  Travel is definitely a high priority for me, as I seem to have been born with “itchy feet”.




Steve MartinHow long escorting: 6 years in Europe and Central America

Places travelled: 

I was born in Auckland New Zealand and University educated at Canterbury in Christchurch and Otago in Dunedin. Like most New Zealander’s after completing University we head off to discover the rest of the world north of the equator. After backpacking for 2 years through parts of North America, extensively in Europe and the Middle East, I truly had the travel bug. Successfully landed a position as a tour director for the next 6 years helping clients discover the wonders of Europe. Amazing history, stunning cities, cultures, geographical wonders and culinary delights. 

A bonus along the way was to meet my wife a Canadian citizen no less. After spending 4 years working with a travel company in New Zealand, we migrated to her home city of Toronto. The rest of my life is the history of Goway Travel. Managing a team of sales agents selling Goway’s Exotic destinations – The lands Downunder, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. The past 9 years I have been the Training Manager for Goway Travel.

The hidden benefits – travel to 76 countries. My favorite mode of travel is a bike (not the motorized version). The last few years biking the Danube, Corsica (the mountain island of the Mediterranean) and I only discovered that after arriving there. Slovenia a true hidden gem and New Zealand of course.

My passion in life is sharing the wonders of travel with fellow travelers.



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