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Term /Expression:


A feed A meal
All good This basically means ‘everything’s fine’ or ‘no problem’,
Angus Someone with an anger problem
As Commonly use “as” as an amplifier to the preceding adjective. For example, “cheap as” = "really cheap"
Aye It has many different uses so you will need to listen carefully to know  meaning in each particular situation.
Bro Use it in place of ‘man’ or ‘mate’ or ‘dude’. It can be used towards anyone.
Buggered Very tired
Can’t be bothered Used when someone is too lazy or just simply doesn’t feel like doing something.
Chilly bin A cooler bin, used for keeping drinks cold.
Chocka Block Crowded/busy
Choice Simply means “good” or “cool” and is used similarly to “sweet as”.
Chur Generally used in place of “cheers” or “thank you”, but in some situations can also mean “OK” or “No problem”.
Cuppa A hot drink, usually short for “cup of coffee” or “cup of tea”
Cuz While technically short for “cousin” this is mostly used as a term of friendship or to casually adress someone
Dairy A convenience store, corner store, or mini supermarket.
Faa Considered as shortened version of “far out”,express both excitement and disappointment.
Fizzy drink Soda
Gap it Can simply mean “to leave” or can also mean to “run away”.
Gizza Short for “Give us a”, which actually means “Give me a”
Hardout Has many translations, it can amplify an adjective, shows something is awesome or amazing
Heaps Means ‘a lot’ or ‘very’.
Honest to who? Loosely translates to “Really?” Often the response will be “Honest to G”, which means Honest to God.
Hot chips French fries
Hungus Someone who eats too much


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