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Jandals Flip flops. e.g. Havaianas
Jumper A jersey or sweatshirt
Kai Maori word for food
Kiwi Can refer to either a New Zealander, or the country’s national bird.
Macca’s McDonald’s
Mean An adjective to describe something as really amazing or awesome.
Mince Ground beef
Mint Loosely translates to “cool”, or “awesome”. 
Not even Loosely translates to “No way” or “That’s not true”, but can be used in various different contexts.
Ow This can be combined with “Not even” and is used somewhat like an exclamation mark. 
Reckon It is a synonym for the word “think”, for example instead of saying “I think so” you could say “I reckon”.
Scull To drink a usually alcoholic drink in one go without stopping.
Shot Has various meaning like, expressing thanks, expressing joy, or to give encouragment.
Shout This is the Kiwi form of the verb ‘to treat’, such as treating someone to a meal or a drink.
Suss Has 2 different meanings,  1- To take care of a task.  2- To describe something suspicious.
Sweet as Means ‘no problem’, or sometimes can just mean a simple “OK”.
The wops Really far away, the middle of nowhere. e.g. She lives out in the wops.
To the days This is pinned to the end of a word or phrase, and means ‘extremely’ or ‘very’.
Togs Swimsuit
What a sad guy This is said when someone does something super uncool.
Yeah nah bro Basically means “Umm” or can just be used to fill space, can be used to start a convo if nothing else to say


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