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After exploring every single tourist attraction in Egypt, I decided that I was ready to go out and explore the rest of the world, so I got on my first plane 20 years ago and crossed the Mediterranean to Turkey. I haven't stopped travelling ever since. Over the past 20 years I have explored a little over 23 countries, most of which are in Europe and the rest in Africa, Asia, and North America. My ultimate dream is to visit all 195 countries in the world. However, I have always found Europe as the most fascinating destination. In a single trip to Europe you can visit multiple cultures. One day you are in London; the next day you are in Paris; two days later you are in Barcelona; three days later you are in Lisbon—so in less than a week you have been to four different countries with four different cultures and languages. Amazing, isnt it?

My favourite places

  • Barcelona

    UK Europe

    Barcelona is one-of-a-kind. Few European cities can offer you the wide diversity of cultural experiences that you'll find in Barcelona. Couple that with the luxury of 4.2km of beach only a short walk from the city centre and warm sunshine most of the year and you have all the makings of a complete holiday in Spain.

  • Istanbul

    UK Europe

    The only city in the world that can lay claim to straddling two continents, Istanbul—once known as Constantinople —has for centuries been a bustling metropolis. Istanbul embraces this enviable position with both a certain chaos and inventiveness, ever evolving as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan crossroads.

  • Venice

    UK Europe

    Venice is one of Italy's most beautiful and romantic cities, with many attractions. Its small, traffic-free streets mingle with the winding canals to make for great walking. You will find many magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops all to be enjoyed on an Italian vacation.

  • Luxor


    Located in Southern Egypt, present day Luxor was the site of the ancient city of Thebes, a great capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom. Originally a town, Thebes grew into a thriving city that was a centre for wisdom, art, religion, and politics, all to be experienced on Egypt tours.

Did you know?

  • Bulgaria is considered the oldest country in Europe. It's so old that its name hasn't changed since 681 AD.
  • The Vasco Da Gama Bridge located in Portugal is considered the longest bridge in Europe and is 17km long.
  • The three pyramids of Giza are aligned exactly with the three stars of Orion, creating a faithful mimicry.
  • Dora Sarchese Vineyard in Caldari di Ortona, Italy has a wine fountain offering locally-made wine at no cost.