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I've been in the travel business for nine years, working in Groups right from the start. I have travelled to Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland in Europe, and I have been on five cruises worldwide, both ocean and river cruising. Cruising is my passion, having sold hundreds of passengers on many cruises throughout the world, including the Mediterranean, the British Isles, the Baltic, the Rhine, the Danube, the Seine, the Nile, the Mekong, and more. I also love working with Special Interest Groups, such as knitting clubs, car enthusiasts, foodies, and wine lovers! If you have a group of people with common interests, we can arrange a perfect customized vacation that will include aspects of your hobby or special interest, such as a tour of a Chocolate Factory in Belgium or a tour of the Audi Factory in Germany. The possibilites are endless!

My favourite places

  • Strasbourg


    This quaint little town on the Rhine River has exchanged hands between France and Germany many times over the centuries, blending the two cultures over time. Strasbourg, or Petit France, is home to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and beautiful Tudor-style homes from the 15th century.

  • Florence


    Florence is the beautiful capital of Tuscany and home to the Statue of David, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and a quick drive from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Florence is a great city to explore on your own with a map and a cappuccino to go while admiring the stunning architecture and art.

  • Heidelberg


    Heidelberg is a town on the Neckar River, most famous for the Heidelberg University, which was founded in the 14th Century. Visiting the red sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle perched atop Konigstuhl Hill is a must, as well as the shops of Markplatz town square in the Old Town.

  • Amsterdam


    Amsterdam is a bustling city of active people. The primary mode of transportation in Amsterdam is the bicycle, and its central to people's culture and livelihood. Famous for the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House, and the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam always has something to see and do.

Did you know?

  • Always remember to check if a converter or foreign adapter is needed for your small electronics and devices.
  • Tips for drivers and guides are typically not included in your package. Remember to tip for good service.
  • Always purchase travel insurance for your trip. You never know what could happen or when plans could change.
  • Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your expected return date, or you could be denied entry.