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Captivated by history and cultural traditions since childhood, I channelled my passion for discovering the world into an International Relations degree. However, after deciding against a career as a diplomat, I have focused more on helping my clients travel around the world and making sure that their trips are customized and fitted to the smallest details of their needs and expectations, no matter what the journey is—whether a 3-month-long voyage around South America or a multi-generational get-together to celebrate an 80th birthday of a beloved grandmother. I also believe that food and the stories behind traditional cuisine are delicious ways to experience new destinations. That is why in every country that I visit I try to take a culinary tour or a cooking lesson. There is a lot of history behind local food and why not learn about it while enjoying some delicious samples?

My favourite places

  • Chiloe Island, Chile

    Central & South America

    From the very first time I saw this island on a ferry from the Chilean mainland, I knew that it was magical. It somehow insprires you to simply observe nature and be tranquil. Enjoy delicious bowls of the local dish curanto and also be sure to grab a bike to explore every corner of the island.

  • Bariloche, Argentina

    Central & South America

    The postcard view of this Argentine town is visible everywhere. It'll make you want to stay here forever (or at least a week). The gorgeous hotel Llao Llao is not only a historical landmark, but a destination it its own right. It has amazing views, delicious dining, and incredible choices of activities for guests.

  • Rome, Italy

    UK Europe

    Indulge in food, history, and art in every corner of this city. And remember: Rome is three thousand years old. Take your time when exploring it and definitely dedicate at least one day of your trip to simply wandering around the historical core of Rome, discovering your own favorite places at each new turn.

  • Galapagos Islands

    Central & South America

    It is not enough to say that the Galpagos Islands is a special place to visit. I truly believe it is a life-changing place. To see animals that are so untouched and unfearful (such as multiple sea lions and iguanas) yet protected is very humbling. Also, not having Wi-Fi on a cruise is perfect for family bonding.

Did you know?

  • Argentines from Buenos Aires dine late. It's common for families to arrive at a restaurant after 9 pm.
  • During Peruvian winter, Lima, Peru's capital on the Pacific coast, is often covered with a thick, cold fog.
  • Chileans love avocado and can eat it with almost everything. In Chile, an avocado is called a "palta."
  • How to order steak in Argentina: Well done=Bien cocido, Medium=A punto, Medium rare=Jugoso, Rare=Bien jugoso.