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I find that travel is the best way to really get to know yourself. It's when I've ventured into unfamiliar places (for example, getting lost searching for the Ming Tombs and winding up in corn fields four hours from Beijing) that I've realized how resourceful I can be and also how friendly the world can be. So to me it's extremely rewarding knowing that I'm helping people go explore the world beyond their comfort zone. This is why I'd love to help you explore Asia, from the beaches of Sri Lanka to the foods of India, from the history of China to the serenity of Japan, from the calm of inner Bali to the boisterous streets of Singapore, and from the mountains of Nepal to the magnificence of Thailand. You'll be getting help from an expert who truly knows Asia and who truly loves travel. So come with me over the ocean blue; let's find what Asia means to you!

My favourite places

  • China


    From the serenity of the Summer Palace, to the bustling city of Shanghai to the beauty of the ancient capital of Nanjing, to the awe-inspiring White Palace in Tibet, China is a force of history and culture that simply must be explored. And that's not even mentioning pandas! Who doesn't love pandas.

  • Egypt

    Africa and the Middle East

    You haven't travelled 'til you've seen the pyramids towering at night and sailed down the Nile on a felucca. I especially loved hot air ballooning over the Valley of Kings and flying over the Nile to see how it resembles a sapphire snake banked by two emerald ones moving through a sea of sand.

  • India


    I'm probably biased but India's got it all, from ultra-spicy curry and sweet desserts, to monkey temples, to the splendor of the Taj Mahal lit by moonlight, to the Pink Palace glimmering in the desert. Venture east to see rice fields in Assam, south to marvel at Kerala, or southwest to take in Goa. It's all good!

  • Mexico

    Central and South America

    I love Mexico. It's so close but there's so much to see if you step out of the tourist resorts. Tulum is exactly where you picture a movie to take place: beautiful ruins hidden in the rainforest overlooking a beach to be envied by other beaches. Then there's Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chichen Itza, and even more!

Did you know?

  • The Muslim Quarter in Xian has some of the best food in China, including the world's oldest burger, roujiamo.
  • Koreans love their seafood and there's nowhere better to eat it than in Busan. It's fresh—perhaps too fresh!
  • Don't lose hours in Delhi traffic. It's worth paying more to stay close to the action. You won't regret it.
  • Break up your journey to Asia in Hong Kong. It'll be more relaxing and you'll take in a world-class city.