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My traveling days started since the beginning of time (my time at least). My dad was in the navy therefore before I was five we had already moved 4 times. In my teen years I used to practice a lot of sports, volleyball, swimming, tracks, handball, etc. That gave me the opportunity to represent my country abroad and from that time on I started to explore the globe. My job also gave me the opportunity to travel a lot. At the beginning I did most of my journeys by myself. After a while everybody wanted to join me, because I did all the research and they just tagged along. I’ve backpacked through Europe, zip line in Costa Rica, visit an active volcano, explore underground caves, swam with sharks in Galapagos, kayak in Fajardo, biked all Punta del Este, rode a motorcycle in Paraguay and Brazil, ate in the spice bazaar in Turkey, kissed a tiger in Thailand, climbed the Chimborazo and so much more.

My favourite places

  • Iguazu

    Latin America

    There are absolutely no words than can describe the falls. The magnificence force of nature lets you get a little bit closer to God. The falls become a part of you and you leave a little bit of yourself there. Always wanting to return. This is a trip everybody should do as many times as possible.

  • Phuket


    Getting around Phuket is easy – you can flag a tuk tuk. The Thais very friendly people, always smile and you will get along. You may want to do a day trip to Phi Phi – its crazy tourist busy. If you go get a seat inside the high speed ferry not in the front as you will bounce around like a tennis ball.

  • Bruges


    Chocolate lovers, this is the place to go. So much variety, in such small and charming place. Time stayed still in this medieval settlement, which has maintained its historic fabric as this has evolved over the centuries, and where original Gothic constructions form part of the town's identity.

Did you know?

  • Try to travel to europe in September - October. The weather is so much better and crowds are almost gone.
  • If you go to Iguazu falls, stay in the Brazilian side. I feel that accomodation, food and service are better.
  • When planning a trip to Eastern Islands, try to scuba dive the first day. If not, flighing could be dangerous
  • There is a town in Walles call Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch, pronounce it