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I gained my passion for travel at a very young age. Seeing my father take his many business trips and return home with souvenirs and stories from all over the world had me eager to experience it myself. There is one experience that I will never forget, which made me very passionate about being a travel agent: I had met a local travel agent during my trip in Bosnia-Herzegovina; he asked me if I had gotten my "local experience" yet. He suggested I visit an elderly Bosnian woman he referred to as "grandma" to visit her village and spend a night with her. That experience has been (to this day) the best experience of my life. She spoke zero English, I spoke zero Bosnian, but we had an amazing evening. I enjoyed a homemade dinner and spent the evening in the village listening to traditional music. It was a night I will never forget, all thanks to that travel agent that knew exactly what I needed. ;)

My favourite places

  • Turkey


    Turkey is a place where you visit once and realize that you will return many more times. I first went to Turkey in 2015; I have returned five times since and decided to live there for a year because I could not get over its beauty. Oh my, do not get me started on Turkish coffee!

  • Croatia


    Croatia is a country that you will return home from with a phone filled with photos. The beauty and the nature that this country offers is incredible. Make sure to check out the Plitvice Lakes while you are there. It's a national park of 16 terraced lakes, joined by breathtaking waterfalls. It is a must see!

  • Jordan

    Africa and the Middle East

    Jordan will forever be one of my favourite destinations. I'm not sure if that is because I was born there or because of how amazing it really is. Whether it is Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, or Petra, Jordan has got a lot of treasures to offer. Do not forget to try local falafel while you are there.

  • Maldives


    The Maldives have been a dream ever since I could remember. I have planned my imaginary honeymoon in the Maldives many times. It is a destination that will always amaze me—and that is just from looking at photos! I can only imagine what it would really feel like being there. Stay tuned for my visit to the Maldives.

Did you know?

  • Interacting with locals will make your trips much more memorable and you will make friends from all over.
  • Wearing a fanny pack will make your travel experience much more comfortable. Avoid wearing loose bags.
  • If you ride the metro/subway in Turkey, avoid speaking loudly. The locals highly dislike loud commuters.
  • Bargaining is the ultimate key! Learn the skill of bargaining, especially while shopping at local bazaars.