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I picked up the taste for adventure at nine years old, visiting my relatives in Sicily for the first time. When I qualified as a teacher, I knew I’d be living abroad. I spent years in South Korea and then England, immersed in their different cultures and wandering throughout Asia and Europe at every opportunity. A brimming passport later, I retired my teacher's hat and entered travel professionally. I have never looked back.

My favourite places

  • Thailand

    The beaches in Thailand are unparalleled, with Phuket being my favourite island. I've visited four times, and would happily return. The moment I fell in love? Kayaking through the limestone caves near Koh Phi Phi, laying back to watch the stunning formations pass overhead, with a just-snorkeled reef under us.

  • Korea

    Having lived in Korea for over two years, it holds a special place in my heart. The food, culture, and history is certain to fascinate. I loved relaxing at GS25 with maeokgoli and jjajjangmyeon, coated in skin-moisturizing clay after attending the Boryeong Mud Festival. Heaven!

  • Italy

    Being Sicilian myself, my first visit at nine was to see family; since then, I've returned many times and explored from Milan to Venice, down to Sorrento/Capri, and (almost) everywhere in between. There's nothing to compare with a gelato cornetto in Palermo, or sunbathing on the beach boulders in Capri.

  • England

    I explored the history of the British Isles during my degree and decided to live there (+3 years) to delve deep into its lush green hills, royal estates, culture, and history. Curry chips, Cornish pasties, Chatsworth House, Stonehenge, and high tea is only the beginning of what the Isles have to offer.

Did you know?

  • Samgyeopsal, Daulk-Galbi, and Shabu-Shabu are must-eats in Korea, and visit the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul!
  • Sicilians put gelato in sweet buns/pastries as a quick evening dessert. It is absolutely delicious!
  • Stray cats/dogs are cared for by the state (and regularly fed by citizens) in Istanbul, so they are very friendly.
  • You can swim in the north Nile without fear of crocodiles/hippos since the new dams keep them down south.