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I was born in Gunma, Japan, which is located 2 hours north of Tokyo, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and hot springs. I moved to Tokyo to start career. I first started working in Tokyo as a systems engineer and traveling was only something I would reward myself with. Nevertheless, something left me unsatisfied. I wanted to start a new career and do something that I was passionate about. I left Tokyo in 2012 and studied Travel and Tourism in Toronto, Canada. All the places that I visited have made an impact on me and have provided me with experiences that I will never forget. Climbing Mt. Fuji overnight, flying around Everest in Nepal, visiting a glacier in Iceland, catching a glimpse of a Tasmanian devil in Australia, or relaxing at the beach in Hainan Island or staring at the most incredible night sky in Queenstown. I will help bring you these kinds of wonderful experiences.

My favourite places

  • Nepal

    I had a great opportunity to travel here with locals. The capital city Kathmandu was busy and had an energetic atmosphere. The view from the top of Boudhanath Stupa was stunning. I visited the Chitwan National Park early in the morning which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was magical, so calm and relaxing.

  • Iceland

    I visited Iceland in 2015. I joined a few day tours, but I thought I could drive there easily. Nature was breathtaking - glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, water falls, and the sea. Iceland is somewhere I want to visit again. If I could, I would definitely rent a car and drive around.

  • Kanazawa

    My favorite place in Japan is definitely Kanazawa. It's similar to Kyoto, with lots of history and culture but it also has a modern and artsy side too. My favourite thing about Kanazawa is the food. Thanks to the location, it has some of the best sushi. If you are a foodie, you must visit here. Very easy to access from Tokyo.

Did you know?

  • Japanese fireworks are handmade by professionals with a special licence. Visit the fireworks competition!
  • When you enter the restaurant or friends house in Nepal, you will receive their homemade chai tea at first.
  • If you visit Iceland in July, you will have a difficult time to sleep because of the midnight sun.