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I’ve always had a passion for exploring new places, learning from others, and enjoying tasting new cuisines. I’ve travelled to many countries in South America, Asia, Africa, and embarked on an Artic Expeditions where I got a chance to explore one of the world’s most northern areas and spot polar bears in the wild. One of my favourite experience is when I went to South Africa and went on the Soweto bike tour excursion. We rod bikes around the townships and learned about the history in the area. I got the chance to meet families living there and see how they lived. Being able to connect with locals and see how others around the world go about their daily lives is an incredible experience. I want to be able to help my clients experience these life changing moments and to always have those memories as travel souvenirs forever.

My favourite places

  • Addo National Park

    When travelling through South Africa I went to Addo National Park for a game drive since I was staying in Port Elizabeth. It’s not far from the city and a great place to spot Elephants. I was able to get up and close with the elephants and watch them play in the water hole from our own vehicle. It was amazing!

  • Hermanus

    Only an hour and half drive from Cape Town is where you’ll find this beautiful coastal town. It’s best for whale watching and if you are looking for a thrilling experience, you can even go shark cage driving here! I went shark cage driving and honestly, WOW! It’s a bit scary, but so worth it!

  • Soweto

    This township is where Nelson Mandela used to live. I took a bicycle tour around the township and enjoyed a locally prepared meal made by one of the families living there. This is a great add on excursion if you have sometime in Johnsonburg and looking for a local experience.

  • Namib Desert

    The Namib Desert is the world's oldest desert with so much to see. The most amazing places to see when travelling here are Sand Dunes. Along your adventure you can visit Dune 45 and Deadvlie. These attractions are included on many tours and a great place to take photos opportunities!

Did you know?

  • We shared around 98% of our DNA with gorillas. No wonder Jane Goodall was so fascinated by these animals!
  • Castle of Good Hope in Cape town is the oldest Colonial building in South Africa and a top place to visit!
  • On the Okavango Delta, lions have become incredible swimmers in order to catch their prey along water.
  • African elephants are smaller at birth than Asian elephants but are much bigger when they turn into adults.