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Melbourne-born Meg arrived in Toronto in January 2002 with no winter coat, one suitcase, an one-week booking at a youth hostel, and a sight-unseen job offer from Goway Travel. She thought she’d stay for a year—that was 15 years ago! Never one to shy away from adventure, Meg has been in the industry for 26 years and has journeyed extensively through Europe, Asia, and North America. Meg’s heart, however, belongs to the South Pacific, including New Zealand, Fiji, and her native Australia.

My favourite places

  • Fiji

    Idyllic Islands

    Small ship cruising is the most amazing way to see Fiji. Within the space of a few days you'll see the most beautiful islands, beaches, Fijian villages and marine life, enjoy snorkeling and/or diving, eat delicious food, relax, and, most special of all, experience the pleasure of spending time with local Fijians: the most wonderful people in the world

  • Melbourne

    Australia & South Pacific

    Every time I go home I get a little bit more proud of Melbourne. It has a fantastic vibe—lots of great food and restaurants, gorgeous architecture—a mix of old and new, some really interesting attractions in the city itself, and within 90 minutes of the city there are some amazing things to see like the Great Ocean Road, Mornington, and Phillip Island. The inner suburbs are also amazing, each with their own character and slightly off the beaten track for international visitors.

Did you know?

  • If you are eligible, make air travel a little easier by getting yourself a Global Entry or Nexus card.
  • A lot of airlines offer a Premium Economy cabin class now, offers more legroom, wider seats, dedicated meal service, and seats near the front of the plane. It's also smaller so not as much waiting for bathrooms.
  • You can travel to Australia year round as there is never such a thing as a bad time. Winter months are perfect in the top half of the country and even in the south winters are pretty mild compared to much of North America.