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I spent the past 15 years traveling to Latin American and European destinations, from top to bottom. My passion led me to work as a Tour Leader in destination for several years. As a result of my travels, I am fluent in Spanish. I can offer first hand knowledge to clients—anything ranging from restaurant recommendations to off the beaten track adventures. I enjoy going above and beyond to ensure clients have a memorable vacation.

My favourite places

  • Cartagena

    Latin America

    I love the colours (and weather) of Cartagena. It's a city full of history and sits within an impressive 13 kilometres of centuries-old colonial stone walls.

  • Chile

    Latin America

    My most recent trip was to explore Chile. Atacama, the driest desert on earth, offers stunning views from every angle. I also recommend the Colchagua wine route.

  • Salzburg


    Salzburg is a great city to visit, and competed with Vienna as my favourite Austrian city. Being there in winter was fabulous to enjoy the Christmas markets.

Did you know?

  • The potato is originally from Peru, and there are over 3,000 different varieties. Proud Peruvians use the phrase “Soy mas Peruano que la papa” (I am more Peruvian than the potato).
  • It is well known that Ecuador is named after the equator. Ecuador is the only country in the world officially named after a geographical feature.
  • Easter Island is famous for having 887 massive statues, called moai, which were sculpted and erected by the early Rapa Nui people.