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I was born and raised in Israel and finished my BA in tourism while working for a hotel chain and for an Israeli airline. I moved to Canada in 2009 and was organizing groups travel to the Holy Land. Shortly after I was a travel agent and also worked for Air Canada for a short time. Today, after 5 years working at Goway in the retail division, I moved to the Groups department and am very excited for my new role and to develop my career as a Group Coordinator. I am very passionate about the world and love to travel. So far I have travelled to 23 different countries. I love to explore different cultures and exotic places, try all kinds of food, and meet different people. One of my favorite places is Thailand because it has beautiful beaches, amazing temples, and the best food I have ever had. There are still so many places on my bucket list that I'd love to visit.

My favourite places

  • Thailand


    Thailand offers a very rich history, interesting culture, amazing beaches, and the best food in the world. The Thai people are so nice and polite. I found that it is easy to travel in Thailand as there are many flight options within the country. I loved the beautiful temples in Bangkok. The atmosphere is very special.

  • Tahiti

    Idyllic Islands

    The clear water and the beauty of each island is priceless. Bora Bora looks exactly the same as in the pictures. The history of the culture is very interesting. The food is very fresh and the hotels are absolutly amazing. My favorite part was the snorkelling with all kind of fish and sharks!

  • Rome, Italy

    UK Europe

    In Italy you will find the best pizza, pasta, and wine that you will ever have. Rome is one of the most special places I have been. It felt like I went back in time. You can walk in Rome for hours and there is always something new to see and take pictures of. There's so much history that everyone must see.

  • Vietnam


    Vietnam is very different from other places in Asia I visited. It's more laid back. The people are just amazing with a very interesting history and culture. The beautiful scenery of the rice terrace fields is breathtaking. The food is very good and fresh. Shopping is fun and pretty cheap.

Did you know?

  • When heading to a place you never been, consult with a specialist to make sure you don't miss anything.
  • When booking a trip, buy travel insurance. You never know what can happen. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • When travelling, you are an ambassador for your country. Be kind, polite, and try to fit into the culture.