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I lived on a big bus and on a sailboat in Europe and had travelled around the world before I was five years old. After high school I worked two jobs every day to save enough money to take three to five months off work to travel. I first hit the road and took the train across Canada. Since then I've travelled across Canada three times. I've made my way from Alaska down to Mexico. A year after that I was backpacking around Europe for three months, then home to work, save, and buy another plane ticket. I repeated this many times over the next 10 years. This included trips to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji for three months, then all through Central America for five months, then all through Southeast Asia for five months, then onto southern Africa for three months where I fell in love with Africa. I realized that this was my way of life and it was all self funded, but I didn't want to keep working two jobs. That's when I decided to get into the travel industry 11 years ago. Since working in the industry I have further explored Egypt, soaked up the sun in the Philippines, lived like royalty in India, travelled around Uganda and Rwanda spending time with two gorilla families, hiked to the lost city in the Columbian jungle, travelled around Peru, and most recently hiked the W Circuit in Patagonia, Chile.

My favourite places

  • Uganda

    Africa & Middle East

    Uganda truly deserves the name, "the Pearl of Africa". It's such a beautiful country, so scenic and green. The people are genuinely friendly and getting to see a mountain gorilla is absolutely unreal. They are so similar to humans.

Did you know?

  • Travel to South Africa is generally good all year round with a sunny and temperate climate.
  • There are no mountain gorillas in captivity anywhere in the world. The ones in zoos are lowland gorillas. The only place to see them is in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Congo! The mountain gorilla is one of the world’s most endangered primates.
  • Africa is a huge continent—larger than the USA, China, India, Japan, Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland all combined.
  • Accommodation in “tented camps” is not necessarily in tents, although these rooms are usually made of canvas. They are normally equipped with an ensuite bathroom, as well as air-conditioning and other modern conveniences.