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I’ve always worked in the travel industry and take great delight in helping clients discover new experiences. Joining Goway’s team has allowed me to share my love of the South Pacific and to introduce travellers to all the unique scenery, wildlife, and iconic sights they can experience there. Apart from travel to the South Pacific, I’ve enjoyed travel across Canada, the US, Southeast Asia, Europe, many islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South and Central America.

My favourite places

  • Aitutaki

    Australia & South Pacific

    Aitutaki is relaxed, laid back, and has blue lagoons—everything you want in a South Pacific escape. There are no crowds, fabulous food, and lagoons with so many shades of blue that you lose count.

  • Iceland

    UK Europe

    This is truly a land of contrasts. From the Blue Lagoon to glacier lagoons and waterfalls, this is an amazing destination for outdoor lovers.

  • Sydney

    Australia & South Pacific

    Iconic sights, beaches, markets, amazing food, aboriginal cultural sites, art, and music—not to mention day trips to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens—all from your hotel base.

  • Angkor Wat


    Words will never capture the wonder that Angkor Wat inspires. It's a vast ancient site with amazing temples. It never ceases to amaze me what the ancient Khmers achieved.

Did you know?

  • Don't over pack; no one will remember what you wore two days ago.
  • If you forget to pack your phone or camera charger, ask the front desk to check their lost and found. Chances are someone else has left one behind and not claimed it.
  • Ask for a business card from the hotel when you check in. It is great to show taxi drivers when you need to get back again and very handy when English isn't the main language.
  • Pack a sarong. It can double-up as a towel, a scarf, or a blanket. You can bundle stuff in it, fold it up for a small pillow, and even use it as a cover-up at the beach.