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Living in Southeast Asia was a dream come true. Just when I thought I have heard of every festival, seen every market, and been to every attraction, I'd hear of a new experience to discover. Every day in Asia is a new discovery and offers something to cherish. My most amazing travel experience would be getting off the beaten path and experiencing the Mekong River in Northern Cambodia to see river dolphins. It was one of those life-altering experiences. I love the delicate balance that Asia is in right now, between cities bursting at the seems to the pristine untouched wilderness areas.

My favourite places

  • Bangkok


    This Southeast Asian metropolis is a true melting pot of cultures from across the region. Every type of food from around the world can be found here, but I found the local specialties including Royal Thai Cuisine to be my favorite.

  • Yangon


    The former capital city of Myanmar is still its true beating heart. Yangon is a vibrant yet gritty little city with so much history. Walking around the narrow streets of the old city is the best way to see its storied past come to life.

  • Tokyo


    This city makes New York look like a village, and has enough attractions, museums, and activities to keep you occupied for years.

  • Cape Town

    Africa & Middle East

    Situated at the very end of Africa, this gorgeous city feels like it is located at the edge of the earth.

Did you know?

  • You'd be hard pressed to find a knife at a table in Thailand. Thais prefer to eat with a spoon and fork only.
  • Only two places on the planet are home to wild orangutans: the island of Borneo (shared by Indonesia and Malaysia) and Sumatra (Indonesia).
  • When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.