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I have loved the idea of travel since a young age and this led me to study travel and tourism at college. Since then, my passion for history has guided my travels, with visits to ancient sites and culturally and historically-significant destinations throughout Europe. I have enjoyed such wonderful destinations as Italy, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Gibraltar, Monaco, and Iceland. It wasn't until my thirties that I travelled to the South Pacific and it immediately stole my heart. I have travelled extensively throughout the southern seas but there are still so many places on my bucket list that I'd love to visit. I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to increase my travel experiences through my work, with my most recent trip to the Marquesas Islands on board the Aranui 5.

My favourite places

  • French Polynesia

    Idyllic Islands

    The incredible scenery, tropical temperatures, and friendly locals make these islands a memorable experience. Each island has a different flavour and presents unique landscapes and adventures. You'll find white-sand beaches, lush foliage, rugged mountains, coral reefs, waterfalls, and gorgeous flowers everywhere, making your senses come alive. French Polynesia has long been known as a playground for the stars and honeymooners, but is also a great family destination.

  • New Zealand

    Australia & South Pacific

    The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer a nature lover's paradise with a multitude of adventure activities available to all skill levels from weekend warriors to eco-adventurers. When visiting, you're constantly amazed by the gorgeous scenery around you. The North Island is volcanic and thermal with geysers and bubbling mud pools while the South Island is lush and mountainous. New Zealand also offers foodies and wine lovers unique opportunities to indulge to their heart's content.

  • Iceland

    UK Europe

    Iceland is such as beautiful and raw country to visit with its active volcanoes, geothermal activity, glaciers, waterfalls, and hauntingly-barren landscapes. It provides rare lifetime opportunities to view the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, the Icelandic horse, and glacial ice caves. Seldom in life do you get to explore the magma chamber of a dormant volcano, snorkel a submerged crack between two continental plates, or venture out on a reindeer safari. As well, you won't soon forget the friendliness of the Icelandic people.

Did you know?

  • Spring and fall are great times to travel to the South Pacific as crowds are smaller and there are plenty of great specials available. Also, the winter and summer seasons tend to be wetter.
  • The fastest way to acclimatize to time change is to stay up as late as you possibly can on your first day, regardless of the amount of sleep you get on the flight over. Flights into the South Pacific typically arrive first thing in the morning.
  • Always wear layers of clothing when travelling in New Zealand as the weather can easily change several times throughout the day.