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After participating in a study abroad program in high school that landed me in the south of Spain, I knew that travel was something I was truly passionate about and wanted to continue seeing the world. I spent several years working in a retail travel agency where I learned a lot about this crazy industry! It's difficult to list all of my travels. I've been all over Europe (including Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, England, Holland, and Russia) as well as China, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Peru. In 2016, I sought a new opportunity and joined Goway as an Idyllic Islands specialist. My most recent trip was 'island hopping' to five islands in French Polynesia. I was blown away not just the beauty of this destination but the people. I am really looking forward to my next island adventure which is Fiji.

My favourite places

  • French Polynesia


    I visited five islands in French Polynesia and one of my unexpected highlights was a visit to the market in Papeete on the island of Tahiti. I loved mixing with the locals as they went about their daily routines and we were even treated to an impromptu concert and quick dance lesson by one of the local vendors!

  • Spain


    Southern Spain is beautiful and is perfect for someone looking for a vibrant region in Europe with a lot of culture and unique architecture. Granada is one of the liveliest cities in Spain and Seville is a great place for relaxing or seeing an evening flamenco show.

  • Peru

    Central & South America

    Peru is rich in geography and history and there is so much to see and do, whether it's hiking the incredible Inca Trail, exploring the famous Lake Titicaca, the beaches in Lima, or visiting the world heritage town of Cusco. Not to mention the rich history and fascinating culture.

  • Russia


    Russia is the largest country in the world, but the history is the reason to go. Moscow and St. Petersburg are rich in history, art and architecture. Moscow has a wonderful heritage of historic buildings while St. Petersburg is an open air museum of 18th century architecture.

Did you know?

  • Fakarava, French Polynesia has a rich ecosystem filled with marine life & virtually undiscovered dive sites.
  • For foodies, Hawaii has great locally-grown products: Kona Coffee, macademia nuts, and artisanal chocolate
  • Booking really early (e.g. a year out) can often mean big savings as you lock in the current year's pricing.
  • Buying an 'all inclusive' meal plan in the Maldives is always worth it! It's better value and less stress.