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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Five Countries You Never Thought You’d Visit in 2014 – But should!

Unleash your inner Tripster and earn serious bragging rights with Goway Travel

There are Globetrotters, and then there are Tripsters. Those travel hipsters, who set off each year to weird and wonderful countries that have many of us scrambling for Google Maps. They shrug at the thought of Costa Rica vacations, remain stubbornly nonplussed by your African Safari, and don’t get them started on Fiji resorts!
But isn’t there just a part of you that wants to join them?
The Tripsters at Goway Travel are thrilled to offer 5 unique destinations on the rise in 2014, guaranteed to maximize your Globetrotter cred.

Bhutan – The last Shangri-la

On the Eastern edge of the jagged Himalayas, the quiet Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan nestles between India and China, not far from Nepal. The country is served only by a handful of international flights, and limited visitor numbers have protected Bhutan from mass tourism. As such, the country’s Buddhist culture has flourished undisturbed, creating a distinctly pseudo-Tibetan culture.

Surrounded by snow-clad peaks, warm wooded valleys, rolling grasslands and even a slice of steamy jungle, the flora and fauna of Bhutan alone is remarkable. Tourist visas are essential and visitors pay a daily fee to even be in the country. High-end group tours are leading the charge, but customized independent travel is an increasingly popular option for getting to Bhutan’s serene heart.

The Falkland Islands – Put a penguin in your passport!

The phrase ‘beaten path’ sends a shudder through many a Globetrotter, Tripster or not. Fortunately, The Falkland Islands are about as far from that cliché as it gets, seeing only a few hundred ‘real’ (ie: non-Antarctic cruising) visitors each year. Yes it’s remote, windy, sometimes cold and relatively barren. But the Falklands certainly don’t lack for amazing sights, and a visit here puts any Globetrotter in an exclusive league of intrepid travellers!

For those lured by war history, all the 2,500 local residents have fascinating stories to tell! But the Islands’ biggest draw is the wildlife. More than 60,000 penguins call the Falklands home, including majestic King penguins, goofy Gentoos and cute Rockhoppers. You might also spot Albatross, Sea Lions and honking huge Elephant Seals.

Madagascar – Standing apart from Africa

Madagascar is perhaps now better known for the animated movie it inspired than as a tourist destination. Why, hello there, discerning Tripster! Offering more than just another notch on the travel belt, Madagascar lies off the southeast coast of Africa. Most visitors will enter via its capital, Antananarivo. Try saying that three times fast, or just call it “Tana” as the locals do. Easily accessed from Johannesburg, flights also arrive via Paris, Nairobi and Mauritius, making it an easy side trip to a longer itinerary. Of course the world’s 4th largest island is a unique destination in its own right. It’s home to ten different types of Lemur as well as over 150 types of chameleon and a wide variety of birds, orchids and sea life.

Papua New Guinea – Earn your “National Geographic moment”

A true ‘final frontier’, Papua New Guinea is accessible by air through Australia, Singapore or Japan, so getting to Port Moresby is surprisingly easy – if a long flight from North America! Once landed however, the culture shock may make that India tour feel like a stroll to your local Starbucks by comparison! Home to over 800 languages and more than 700 tribes, PNG is among the world’s most culturally and biologically diverse countries – and it’s almost completely untouched by tourism.

You can count on each travel experience to be unique, but utterly authentic. Scientists continue to discover new species of flora and fauna in remote, untravelled areas. A journey through the country might take in the remote Sepik River region, home to the Melpa people, one of the best preserved indigenous cultures on Earth.

Seychelles – Remote luxury by the sea

Tahiti and the Maldives both deserve a solid tick on the high-end tropical island bucket list, but an equally indulgent escape awaits at Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator, these remote islands are serviced by flights from Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Hong Kong. From five star resorts to charming Creole guesthouses, Seychelles offers plenty of scope for that custom-made escape. The beaches are uncrowded with powder-soft sands lining turquoise waters, and there are wonderful opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.


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