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July 24, 2013


Giraffe Rescue in the Okavango Delta


Sanctuary Retreats, one of Goway’s key partners in Africa, relayed the following heartwarming story to us.

“We are always looking to help the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) for the wildlife department wherever possible and last week our teams found a giraffe caught in a snare. They got in touch with the APU and informed them about the incident. Sanctuary Stanley’s and Baines Camps arranged for the Anti-Poaching unit to come out and assist us to help the giraffe.
It had a wire snare around its leg which needed to be removed. Our concession team located the giraffe and had the APU come in and dart the animal with a tranquilizer. They had to dart it in the water, when the giraffe went to sleep the guys had to keep its head out of the water to prevent it from drowning. They managed to remove the snare and awaken the giraffe without incident.

We are happy to report that the giraffe is making a full recovery now!

Pictured are Wimpie, Pastor, Eddy & Tibro as well as the APU Gift and John.

We need to preserve our wildlife and help out wherever possible, and this was a great effort by all involved!”


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