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Friday, July 6, 2016


Goway Offers Credit of $2000 to Couples Visiting Easter Island


Added incentive brings the mysteries of one of the world’s most exotic travel destinations closer than ever.


Goway Travel is offering visitors to Easter Island a credit of up to $2000 per couple until December 15.

Also known as Rapa Nui, Easter Island has long excited the imagination with its mysterious stone heads. With only 8,000 residents and just one town, Hanga Roa, it ranks among the world’s most exotic travel destinations. But while other islands may offer tropical beaches, or unique local flavors and customs, Easter Island charms with its intriguing stories. Visitors will learn why the island’s heads, known as Moai, all face away from the sea, and how the island’s horse population came to outnumber its humans. Still, this is a destination for the adventurous, thinking traveler, and many leave with more questions than when they arrived.    

Until December 15, Goway is offering a $2000 credit to couples booking a stay of three nights or more at explora Easter Island, located just outside Hanga Roa. Accommodation includes all meals, full bar, and a wide choice of daily activities. These include walks around the island, transfers to its more scenic, less accessible views, bike tours and more. Guests opting instead for a two night stay will be eligible for a $1200 credit per couple.


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