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 August 3, 2018


Goway Travel Connects Globetrotters Pole to Pole


Goway invites travelers to walk or sail in the wake of giants in the world’s coolest destinations.


Adventurous Globetrotters can explore the wildest regions on earth with new specials on polar cruises from Goway Travel.

Goway is continuing its long tradition of connecting Globetrotters to the world’s most exciting and far flung destinations with new packages taking in the sights and wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctica. Taking advantage of modern technology, these cruise itineraries traverse some of the world’s most inhospitable environments, allowing their passengers to experience the rugged beauty in comfort.

Antarctica is a dream cruise for many, and for most travelers, that means a short return cruise from the southern reaches of Chile or Argentina. There is however a more ambitious way to experience Antarctica, crossing the Ross Sea all the way to New Zealand. This itinerary visits bays and shores few Globetrotters will ever see, sharing the waters with Orcas, Minke Whales, and other wildlife. This is a rare travel opportunity with few departures, and must be booked well ahead. Until August 31, 2018, Goway is offering savings of up to US $1790 / CA $2330 on a 32-day voyage departing January 13, 2020.

Less known even to the most adventurous travelers are the Arctic regions. While names like the Northwest Passage are steeped in myth, inspired by the first explorers to tame these frigid waters in their quest to find an alternative route between Europe and Asia, few people will ever sail these fabled waterways for themselves. Sailing up the west coast of Greenland, Globetrotters who make the trip will visit the rarely seen fjords and islands of far Northeastern Canada, where zodiac excursions will open up all this pristine Polar wilderness has to offer.

Like the Ross Sea, the Northwest Passage is the kind of cruise people take once in a lifetime, and departures are strictly limited. There are however some last minute openings on a September 9, 2018 departure. Those who book this departure by August 24, 2018 will save up to US $16390 / CA $21307 per person, taking over 60% off the full price of this 17-day trip.

Globetrotters wanting to tick the ultimate polar adventure off their list can sail from Scandinavia, bound for the North Pole itself. Goway’s North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure is an unforgettable 14-day cruise to the pole, departing from Helsinki, Finland. Two departures are scheduled for June, 2019.

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