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October 2, 2013


Mystical India Lures Travelers in Search of Health, Wellness and Wonder

Goway Travel offers Amazon gift card to help get Globetrotters inspired for the Holiday of a Lifetime

Maddening, life-changing, and for many travellers, highly addictive, India overwhelms the senses like few other destinations with its sensory overload of sights, chaos and spirituality.

Nowhere is this more the case than in Varanasi, Hinduism’s holiest city, located on the bank of the Ganga River. From watching pilgrims wash away their karmic sins in the Ganga, to witnessing a funeral ceremony or cremation, to the quintessential experience of a sunset or sunrise boat ride, Varanasi is the ultimate coming together of India at its most exotic and authentic.

A ramshackle collection of buildings and colours, with a distinctly Indian blur of organized chaos, this is also the country’s oldest continually inhabited city. Readily washable slip-on shoes are a must, since temple-hopping is an essential part of the Varanasi experience. Goway’s Splendours of India itinerary also takes guests to Sarnath, the site of Buddha’s first sermon after gaining enlightenment.

With its tremendous significance to both Hindus and Buddhists, it’s not wonder Uttar Pradesh – the state where both cities are found – leaves visitors feeling both enriched and refreshed. Many Globetrotters to return time and again in search of health, wellness and enlightenment, and of course, there’s no better place in the world for taking a yoga class.

Goway Travel’s Splendours of India is one of its most popular Holidays of a Lifetime, visiting the incredible Taj Mahal, along with eight of the country’s most inspiring cities including Mumbai, Udaipur, famous for its palaces, the pink city of Jaipur, Delhi, and mystical Varanasi.

Taking in all the must-see sights, this 18 day itinerary is more than just another India tour. Globetrotters all have their own ideas and reasons for coming here and Goway’s experts are dedicated to ensuring their journey through India is as individual as it is unforgettable. Up until November 30, Goway is offering some last minute inspiration, in the form of a $50 gift card towards the India book of their choice at Amazon.

Just don’t be surprised if Varanasi is where India works its transformative power.

About Goway Travel

Since 1970, Goway has been providing unforgettable travel experiences to Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, idyllic island destinations and Latin America. Today Goway is recognized as one of North America's leading travel companies for individuals, families and groups to select exotic destinations around the globe. Goway has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Sydney (Australia). For more information visit www.goway.com


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