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South Africa Self Drive Information

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If you are on holiday, visiting friends or relatives, or on business, you can get about whenever and wherever you like with a vehicle arranged by Goway.

We have a full range of cars for you to choose from, plus fully equipped motorhomes and tent-equipped 4WD drive vehicles.

South Africa has a very good network of roads; some 29, 205 miles of paved roads, and even the unpaved roads are usually in good condition. Travelling overland the tourist will enjoy the lack of traffic. In South Africa, one drives on the left side of the road.

Speed limits are generally well sign-posted. The maximum speeds are on freeways 120 km (75 mph); on rural roads 100 km (62 mph); in built-up areas 60 km (37 mph). Seat belts are compulsory and driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence.

A valid driver's license provided the photograph and signature are an integral part of the license and printed in English, is accepted. If the license does not comply with these requirements, one should obtain an International Driving Permit before departing for South Africa.

The Automobile Association of SA provides brochures, expert advice and other services to the traveller.


Gas stations are plentiful and conveniently situated along the main and country roads. Most are usually open for 24 hours although some stations keep shorter hours. In some rural areas, there might be long distances between gas stations; travellers should ensure that their vehicle is filled with gas for the long journey.

Rental vehicles come with a full tank of gas. If a car is returned with a full tank the fuel deposit required at the start of the rental is refunded. Gas is referred to as petrol.

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