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The Spirit of Queensland FAQs

How long does the trip take? 

The total journey from Brisbane to Cairns is 24 hours 55 minutes

Does the Spirit of Queensland have WIFI? 


Can children share a RailBed? 

Yes, a child under the age of 4 can share a RailBed with another customer. Onboard staff will liaise with the customer to arrange suitable meals for the child throughout the journey. Where special meals are required, a catering request form will need to be completed prior to travel. 

What’s the minimum age for a child to occupy a RailBed on their own? 

No restriction. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a person over the age of 15 years

Can a stranger be allocated a RailBed beside a traveler of the opposite gender?  

Yes, there are no restrictions here. Where possible individual travelers in RailBeds will be booked on the single side of the car, but this is not always possible and can not be guaranteed.

If I am totally reliant on my wheel chair for mobility, can I travel in a RailBed or Premium Economy Seat? 

Premium Economy - Guests can travel in their wheelchair and use this to access the train (toilets, showers etc). There are 3 wheelchair spaces in the wheelchair-accessible car so customers can travel in the seats or their wheelchair which is secured by harnessing straps. 

RailBeds - There are 2 accessible RailBeds, however, there is no provision to park a non-collapsible wheelchair. Collapsible wheelchairs can be stowed at the end of the carriage. No access to the Club Car is available from the RailBeds for wheelchair customers. A call button is available to contact the onboard staff for assistance

What time does my RailBed change from seat to bed and bed to seat? 

The beds will be put into the bed position at night 'as requested' by the guest after dinner (ie, no set times). The same will apply to put these in the seated position prior to breakfast service in the morning. Outside of these times, it is possible to ask for the seat to be put in the up or down position. Only onboard staff can the Railbed from a bed to a seat and v.v.

Does the Spirit of Queensland have separate male and female toilets and showers? 

All showers and toilets are unisex. In the wheelchair-accessible RailBed and Premium Economy cars, there is 1 toilet and 1 toilet/shower. For all other cars, there are 2 toilets and 1 shower

How is the Club Car configured? 

The Club Car is configured with a stand-up counter and sitting area for customers.

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