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Sydney – Adelaide – Perth (valid to 31/03/2018)


Operates all year

Depart Sydney WED - 3:00PM
Arrive Broken Hill THU - Morning Excursion
Arrive Adelaide 3:15PM
Depart Adelaide 9:25PM
CooK FRI – Afternoon Experience
Nullabor FRI – Dinner Experience
Arrive Perth SAT - 3:00PM


Perth – Adelaide – Sydney (valid to 31/03/2018)


Operates all year

Depart Perth SUN - 9:00AM
Arrive Kalgoorlie SUN - Evening Excursion
Nullarbor  MON - Morning Experience
Cook MON - Afternoon Experience
Arrive Adelaide TUE - 7:20AM Morning Excursion
Depart Adelaide TUE - 10:15AM
Broken Hill TUE - Evening Excursion
Arrive Sydney WED - 11:30AM

Notes: Please be advised that these are standard operating timetables however Scheduled Services are subject to change. All times are local time and may be subject to change. Guests must be at the terminal at least one hour before train departs.

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