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Ethiopia Culture

  • Adults of the Mursi tribe
  • Amer woman prepares sorghum for making beer
  • Dorze ethnic woman making thread for weaving
  • Suri dancers at a ceremony

Social Conventions

Religion is very important to the daily life of people in Ethiopia and this should be respected. As a result of religion, people tend to be quite conservative and modest. A friendly and welcoming people, Ethiopians pride themselves on their hospitality.  

Proper table manners are a sign of respect in the country and Ethiopians eat with their hands, more specifically, their right hand (the left hand is reserved for the washroom). 



The official language of Ethiopia is Amharic, however, an additional 80 native languages are spoken throughout the country. Arabic and English are spoken, with English being the language of instruction in schools and universities.



The most popular religions in Ethiopia are Orthodox Christianity and Islam. The majority of Christians belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. There are also smaller Jewish and Pagan communities.


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