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Madagascar Culture

  • Antandroy traditional tomb
  • Houses where poor people live
  • Ricefields - Andapa - Marojejy park
  • Florida holly, pink pepper
  • African traditional totems
  • Kiter on a beach

Social Conventions

The people of Madagascar, known as the Malagasy, are extremely hospitable and welcoming. Entertaining tends to be done in restaurants and bars rather than at home, therefore an invitation to attend a special celebration is a great honour. If staying in a local village, small gifts should be offered however, these gifts should not be money. Visitors should not photograph military or police establishments. Dress is quite casual except in most formal restaurants and hotels. Please note that dressing in any military-styled clothing should be avoided (this can lead to arrest).

It is important to respect local Malagasy taboos known as fady. These may involve the use of certain substances, mainly food, or performing certain activities. Fady regulates much of Malagasy daily life.



Malagasy is the language of Madagascar. This language has baffled historians and linguists alike as it is a mystery that only one language is spoken throughout the country given its size and the fact that many areas have been cut off by forests, deserts, mountains and rivers.

French is also an official language due to the country’s colonial history. English is not widely spoken.



Approximately 52% of the population subscribes to traditional beliefs. A further 41% are Christian while the remaining 7% are Muslim.



Madagascar Travel Information

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