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Malawi Food and Drink


The cuisine of Malawi has not been influenced by many other cultures, and as a result, it has remained very traditional. There are many farmers in Malawi and the population grows much of the food. The country is known for its ‘tuck shops’, small shops found in rural areas that sell a variety of snack foods. These foods include meat pies, sausage rolls, bunny chow (rolls that have been deep fried and stuffed with a mix of curry meat and potato mix. Lake Malawi is not only a popular tourist destination, it is also a source of great fresh fish that is the country’s specialty.

Popular dishes include:

Chambo: A fish from Lake Malawi, Chambo is Tilapia fish and is considered a delicacy. Other favourite fish include usipa, which is similar to sardines, and mpasa, which is similar to salmon.

Nsima: This is a staple of Malawi food. It is made from ground corn and served with side dishes of meat or vegetables. People in Malawi can eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kachumbari: This is a tomato and onion salad.

Nthochi: This is bread made with bananas.

Kondowde: This dish is made from cassava flour and water and is eaten with fish.



Tea is the second largest export crop in Malawi and as such, it is of an incredibly high quality. It is advisable to drink bottled water when travelling through Malawi. Carlsberg is the most common beer in the country, and Malawi gin and South African wines are popular.

Things to know:

Tipping isn’t expected, but is certainly appreciated by staff. 

Drinking age:




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