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Mozambique Food and Drink

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The cuisine of Mozambique centres around fresh seafood, stews, corn porridge, rice, millet and cassava. Steak and chicken have commonly used meats and are often accompanied by beans, cassava chips, potatoes and coconut. The Portuguese colonial influence can be felt in spices like garlic and pepper. The people of Mozambique use coconut milk often and enjoy incorporating peri, a local hot pepper into many dishes. Breakfast is a very simple and light meal as lunch is considered the main meal of the day.


Popular dishes include:

Matapa: This dish is usually served in southern regions and is made up of cassava leaves that have been cooked in a peanut sauce and are served with prawns or other fresh seafood.

Peixe Grelhade: This is the name given to the popular “catch of the day”.

Lulas: Calamari is fried in a batter and is sometimes served stuffed or grilled.

Galinha Zambezia: This dish is made up of chicken cooked with lime sauce, and seasoned with garlic, peri and pepper. It is particularly popular in the Quelimane and Zambezia provinces.

Salada Pera de Abacále: This dish is very popular throughout the country. It is a salad made of avocado and tomatoes and is often served as an accompaniment to the main entree.

Pãozinho: Along with spices, the Portuguese influence in Mozambique can be felt in freshly baked bread which are sold piping hot every morning.



Madeira wine is quite popular around the country, so too are locally produced beers like Manica and Laurenta. The national lager of Mozambique is 2M and is brewed jointly by Mozambique and South Africa. South African beers (Castle, Lion, Black Label, Amstel) and Namibian beers (Windhoek Lager) are readily available. A locally brewed beer made from maize is very thick and sweet, traditionally drunk from a common pot is also available. Nipa, another local brew is a liquor-type drink made from cashew nuts, it should be consumed with caution as it is known for being quite potent.


Things to know:

Tipping is not very common outside major tourist areas. When in tourist areas like Maputo, around 5% (depending on the quality of service) is standard.

Drinking age:




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