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Seychelles Food and Drink

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The cuisine of Seychelles is a mixture of Creole, French, Indian and Orient styles of cooking and flavours which mirror the mixture of people who call the archipelago home. There is very little local transport of goods which means that ingredients almost always arrive directly from a garden or from a fishing boat. Seafood is a staple ingredient in many dishes with tuna and kingfish being among the most favourite fish. Rice is the national staple food.


Popular dishes include:

Octopus: This is a favourite amongst the locals in Seychelles. It is cooked until it is incredibly soft and is then usually served in a spicy curry of coconut or as part of a seafood cocktail.

Tec Tec: This is a small white shellfish that is collected on the beach and then cooked with pumpkin to make soup.

Caris Masala: This shows the Indian influence and is a mixture of vegetables, meat or fish and masala (coriander, fenugreek, cumin, cloves, mustard seeds and saffron).

Chatini: This is a cold condiment that has thinly sliced vegetables and fruit that are mixed into a vinegar chutney.

Rousettes: This is very much a local delicacy and is not for the faint of heart. Rousettes are common on many restaurant menus and are fruit bats. Many say the meat is quite gamey and it has been likened to venison. It is important to note that rousettes can be quite difficult to eat due to the many tiny bones.

Ladob: This dish is a dessert in Seychelles. It is made up of sweet potatoes and ripe plantain and can include breadfruit, cassava or corossol. It is then boiled with coconut milk and nutmeg and sugar and vanilla are added.



Palm wine known locally as “calu” is an alcoholic beverage made locally from coconut sap. Bacca is another local alcoholic beverage that comes from sugarcane liquor (it is usually consumed at ceremonial events). Coco d’Amour is a tropical coconut liqueur made from coconut extract and local beers include Ekyu and Seybrew.


Things to know:

Most restaurants, hotels, taxis and porters will already include a 5-10% service charge so it is not necessary to add more unless the service was outstanding or deserving of more.

Drinking age:




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