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Things to do in Seychelles

Every country has its outstanding and special attractions. Goway has selected its top 8 things to do in Seychelles (not in any particular order) for you to enjoy on your visit to this destination.



Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles located on the island of Mahe. The city, which has a population of less than 30,000, is the centre of Seychellois culture. Victoria is also the place to go shopping. Victoria’s main market features local handicrafts. One of the most popular items to purchase is a sarong. Early morning is the best time to visit as it is when fishmongers display an astonishing variety of seafood, from parrotfish to barracuda. It's at its liveliest on Saturday. The clock tower that stands in the centre of the city is said to have been modelled on London’s Big Ben. Places to visit include the Seychelles National which is a 15-acre botanical garden with pathways lined with coco de mer trees and exotic plants like the Cannonball tree. The garden is home to several exotic and endangered birds including the fruit-eating Blue Pigeon, the Indian Myna Bird, the nectar-sipping Sunbird, and the Seychelles Bulbul. Another place is the National Museum of Natural History which has on botany, zoology, geology and anthropology.


Anse Lazio

On a Seychelles vacation, Anse Lazio is one of the best beaches in the world. The clear blue water and granite boulders lining the shore look perfect. It is a good place to snorkel in its sheltered coves. Activities such as swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed here. This is a family-friendly beach. Despite being popular, it never feels crowded.


La Digue Island

This is one of the best beaches in Seychelles and the third largest inhabited island of Seychelles. To reach La Digue, it is necessary to take the ferry from Victoria. Today, the island's main industry is tourism. It is known for its beaches, especially Anse Source d'Argent and Grand Anse. Veuve Nature Reserve, in the island's interior, is home to the rare black paradise flycatcher of which there are only about 100 in existence. La Digue's tallest peak, Belle Vue, is in the central part of the island. The island has plenty of accommodations and activities to offer visitors.


Vallee de Mai

Vallee de Mai is a nature reserve on the island of Praslin. This palm forest has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is home to several endemic plants. The rare coco de mer tree has the largest seed in the world. The pristine natural beauty here has not been disturbed and is one of the oldest forested lands. It has been called the Garden of Eden. It is a good place for bird watching including the endangered black parrot, of which there are between 500 and 900 left in the wild.


Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island is the second largest island in Seychelles and is a bio-reserve that is managed by the Marine Parks Authority of the Seychelles Centre for Marine Technology. It has some beautiful beaches. It is also the home of the giant tortoises that frequent this island. There are more than 500 giant tortoises roaming around the island. You can walk on trails through mangrove forests and past granite cliffs.


Morne Seychellois National Park

Thisis one of the largest national parks in Seychelles and a place that offers recreational activities for all types of visitors on a Seychelles vacation. You can explore the dense mangrove forest; you can hike up to the highest peak in Seychelles and can go bird watching. A total of 12 different trails can be explored either on a half or full-day excursion. You can also visit the historical site of Mission Lodge and the ruins of old distilleries that can still be found in the park.


Aldabra Atoll

The Aldabra Atoll is the second-largest coral atoll in the Seychelles and is a ring-shaped reef that encircles a lagoon. It is located in the Aldabra group of islands and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its biodiversity and pristine ecosystems. It is home to innumerable bird species, as well as endemic plants and lizards. The most famous residents of the atoll are the Aldabra giant tortoises. Once thought to be almost extinct, these tortoises are now found on islands throughout the Aldabra area and most other islands of the Seychelles although Aldabra is the best place to see them in their natural habitat.


Shark Bank

One remarkable feature of the Seychelles archipelago is the clear and warm waters of the Indian Ocean that surround most of the islands. This, coupled with the coral reefs and abundant marine life, make the Seychelles an ideal destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. Among the popular locations for this is Shark Bank, a granite plateau that shelters an amazing array of fish and other aquatic life. Here you can encounter shoals of brightly coloured tropical fish swimming alongside enormous stingrays and Napoleon fish. You might see the odd whale shark, the biggest fish in the sea.

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